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  • It is supposed to be Stu but never works nor does the microphone making it harder as I have to shout my head off for the whole hour - not good!

    Matilda - put some roller skates on and get junior to pull you along - get the breeze then!!

    I bought a pair of skates for my 33rd birthday - think i was having a mid life crisis early!! Good fun though but for some reason the neighbours look at me in a strange way!
  • Oops I mean the sheep look over-heated 'cos of their fleeces - not "hot"!!!
  • stu - check out or the trails may be better to start with as not so many navigation skills required and all done on relatively good paths/tracks. The fitness will come - it's downhilling that's harder to master but the fitness is needed to go up!
  • stu - am also reading a bbok at the moment called feet in the clouds by richard askwith - it will either inspire you or scare you to death!!! great read though!
  • S'okay qwerty, I keep sheep and I knew what you meant!
  • matilda thinks qwerty might be a sheep worrier
  • Bloomin eck, take an afternoon off the forum and miss 7 pages !!

    Welcome to the new folk !!
    Happy Chap - it was the Edinburgh marathon last month mate.

    Allie - I'll be wearing the MAW shirt, but a cap will do if i can get one !

    Any way, really hot here in Peterhead, going for a run tonight about 8.
    Hope everyone has a good run or any crosstraining tonight.
    take care ,

  • Emma, I have seen reviews of that book. Might just buy it.

    Have read a few how-to books as well. Quite like the navigation aspect, as I am fairly good with a map and compass, if I may say so. Used to go orienteering with scouts when younger, and the appeal hasnt worn off.
  • you'll be fine then stu - give it a bash!

    signing off now all, got to get ready for work and feed the starving children first!!

    Will catch up later or tomorrow if too shattered after class although will probably have 2000 pages to read by then!!

    bye for now
  • beaker,
    ill tell you what i have been recomended:
    it maybe a little late for an event next week, but for future:

    determine your race goal: ive set mine as 28mins
    Do 5 or 6 1k reps in 5mins40 sec (just over 28min pace) with 90 seconds in between.
    do this for a couple of weeks and make sure you rest well.
    then for the next two weeks leading up to the event do this same on 5:30 per km, under 28min pace. this should make it feel easier on race day. i was also told to extend on run longer than the race so about 4-5miles maybe or more if you can do that already. This is very good for your V02 max.

    RE hill running:
    find an 800m ish loop with a climb run for 10 mins around this loop then rest for 2 mins and repeat. surge up the hill and stride down.
    also find a shorter steeper hill or just part of the one you use, and do 5-8 reps of sprinting up the hill with walk back down recovery, this increases your leg speed and turnover.

    hope that helps
  • Well I am a new to this thread but have been posting (spasmodically) on the RW forums for a couple months.

    I am 24 and very unfit! I used to go to the gym and lost 2 stone a couple years ago but hadn’t done anything since. This is no excuse but I never ran because I have quite large breasts (34F) and thought that I didn’t have the body for running so never did, even when going to the gym. My Grandad died from Cancer last year which made me want to raise some money for cancer research.

    I started running in April having decided to take part in a Race For Life in June. Unfortunately I had about 4 weeks off in the middle as I got IBS (probably been building up for a while, have always had a sensitive tummy and the bad diet from my university days didn’t help!) but got back into it (ish!) and completed the 5k in 32 mins. I am ashamed to say that, up to last night, I had been to the gym twice (10 mins each time on treadmill) but not been running properly. Finally got over my fear (worried I’ll never be good enough!) and went last night. Went for 3k (with 2 walking breaks) which wasn’t great but as it was hot it could have been much worse. I am still not a particularly good runner and have to take a few walking breaks but have decided to enter a cancer research 10k in Oct so I can stay focused and hopefully start to enjoy myself more. Eating well (have to because of IBS) and exercising but haven’t lost any weight or inches yet (still 10st12lbs) but some of that may be due to the IBS probs. I’m hoping it will start to drop off soon though, especially as I am supposed to be getting married next year!

    So that’s me! If anyone has any advise for running with IBS then feel free to let me know.
  • Hello Little Tiger, well done with the R4L - although these races seem to get a bit of knocking elsewhere in the Forum, they also seem to be responsible for getting a lot of ladies hooked on running - me included. Like you, I haven't lost any weight (the reverse really) but I have noticed that I'm changing shape a bit :-)
  • Fattyonadiet - thanks so much for info - do you use one of those pacer thingys then? Haven't got one of those so not really sure how far I am running just know I am going out longer each time I go. Maybe have to invest in one. Anyway will definitely give it a go! Cheers!
  • Hello Everyone - just got back from London and thought I would check out the new thread - I am amazed at how many newbies we have and how many pages we are into already.

    Welcome Happy, Hot feet, Corinthian, Mij, Treiziste, Minardi, Ice Queen and Little Tiger. Sorry if I have missed anyone, but you are all very very welcome.

    OTH - Love the new thread - well done girl.

    Jules - Well done with your first race booking.

    Allie - Very Very well done with your run. I know how you feel running in the heat.

    UKY - Such an early run - but a great way of keeping your mileage up.

    Stu - A NEW CAR - deffinately gets the impulse buy of the century award - sorry OTH you have been out done there.

    Beaker - Mind over matter on hills. I have suffered on the hills, now I can run 4 none stop as I think about the INSPIRE club and the inspiration everyone here gives me when attempting them. 2 months ago had to stop half way up each one.

    Well - as I said had a meeting in London today. Reports say that it was 47 degrees on the underground and I can believe that. When you step outside it feels like you have just got of an aeroplane on holiday somewhere. On the way home there was a train fire in Clapham which had big delays - and so everyone was piling onto the 1 train an hour that was running and getting through. Very hot and humid - but hey we are British - keep smiling and talking about the weather! ! ! !

    No running for me tonight - scheduled to go out tomorrow, but might put that off until Thursday or Friday - unlike UKY I can't get up early - ha ha

    Oh girls - I did get to the shops in London as well - told the boss I wasn't going back to the office - and he said OK whatever.

    Right 0ff now to prepare dinner for hubby - real treat as he does all the cooking normally. Nice surprise for him.

    MYKEY & SIAN - been thinking of you

  • WOW - that was a long one. I just hope I can keep up with you all now.
  • Just thought about something about hill running.

    The Africans train running up and down the same hill, but they don't put any speed into it. They keep the same pace and it works with endurance. Certainly seems to keep them going on the long runs they do and they seem to achieve good finishes.
  • Hello All!

    Oh My God!!! How this thread has grown. So much to read back so I thought I'd just add a quick hello before catchup.

    OTH can you add my GNR to the list please.

    I definitely think all the GNR'rs should have a meet up at some point over that weekend.

    Allie am seriously thinking of adding the Jelly Tea to my GNR training. Will let you know.
  • Is anyone else doing the GSR? Or just me. Think I will go north - do you think they will notice if I do the wrong race???

  • Emmilou - I'll email you re: photos.

    Welcome Little Tiger - I hope that you will find the thread interesting and inspiring .. well done for entering the 10k in October - should help you stay focused. Can you give me place and date so I can enter it on list. Cheers.

    Hi LE ... bet you never expected the thread to be this long on your return eh! What have we started :-)

    I think I've just about got all the races down (except LT's) .. but could have missed some, so do check the list to make sure you are all on it.

    What a cracking start to the new thread. Thank you to thread members - regulars and newcomers alike - for making the first day such a busy, thought provoking, inspiring, encouraging and supportive one. There has also been lots of advice given on here too. Not to mention, plenty of good chat!

    It is inevitable that, as time goes on, some of you may find it just too much to keep up with the thread - work, home commitments, holidays, etc etc must all come first. Don't let this discourage you from coming back to the thread at any time. Whether you've been gone a week, a month or a year, you will always be welcomed back and the 'catchup' section should save you having to trawl through too much.

    Bringing list foward
  • INSPIRE Running Club - Race Details

    Mike – Trentham 10mile – 23rd July
    Beaker – Chicks Chase, MK – 5k – 27th July
    Happy – 26th Wedding Day Race, Bushy Park – 7k – 28th July
    Daniel - Plymouth Aquathon, 500m sea swim, 5k run – 19th Aug
    Dingus, Peterhead - Peterhead 10k - 27th Aug.
    LE & Hubby – Overton – 5 mile – 2nd Sept
    Hotfeet – Women’s Hydroactive Challenge, Hyde Park – 5K – 3rd Sept
    Bourne – Women’s Hydroactive Challenge, Hyde Park – 5K – 3rd Sept
    Emmilou – Yorkshireman Half Mara – 13.1 miles – 5th Sept
    Allien - Jelly Tea Run - 10 miles - 10th Sept
    Mike H - Lichfield 10K - 10th Sept
    Em, Forest Of Dean - Badminton 10k - 17th Sept
    Siân & Mykey – Neath Port Talbot Cancer Challenge – 5k – 17th Sept
    Uk Yankee Singleton, Kent - Faversham 10k -17th Sept
    Rob (Treiziste) – Cancer Research race – 10k – 17th Sept
    Ice Queen – Swansea Bay – 10k – 24th Sept
    Matilda – Swansea Bay – 10k – 24th Sept
    Dingus, Peterhead – GNR - 13.1 miles - 1st Oct
    Corinthian – GNR – 13.1miles – 1st Oct
    Morgs – GNR – 13.1 miles – 1st Oct
    Bourne – RunLondon – 10k – 8th Oct
    Rob – Great Cumbrian Run – 13.1 miles – 15th Oct
    Bourne – Leeds Castle, Cancer Research – 10k – 15th Oct
    Minardi – GER – 13.1 miles – 15h Oct
    Matilda – Cardiff Half Mara – 13.1 miles – 15th Oct
    LE – GSR - 10miles - 22nd Oct
    Happy – New York Marathon – 26.2miles – 5th Nov
    INSPIRE Ladies – Dingus’ 5K Kilt run, TBA

    If you would like your upcoming race details posted please just post the request giving where it is, date of run, length of run – cheers

    Best Pages to Check if you’re new to this thread

    A ‘must’ for all newbies to the thread – lots of inspiration – Pages 1 and 2
    Corinthian – another inspiring story – Page 4
    More INSPIRing stories – Pages 9 & 10

    Take a look at our old thread for more inspiration …. Old Thread

    DingusOTHEmandbelleMykeyPlodfatherUK YankeeDaniel’s PhotosLE’s PhotosAllien’s Photos

    It is never too late to join our club … everyone is very welcome .. so come on in and chat :-)
  • LE, you could have a point about running uphill at the same pace as down. I find that I need to put in a spurt to help me up. If I try to maintain the same pace, it becomes much harder somehow. Strange.
  • Minardi - Hi there I note you mentioned the R4L haveing a bad press here - I hadn't noticed that , is the organisation or something else?
  • Mike
    It gets slated by a lot of people on here on account of walkers starting in front of runners
    But of course it isnt actually a race in that sense
  • oh, I have done the R4L for the last four years and the runners have always gone first.....
  • Hi OTH the Cancer Research 10k I am doing is at Weston Park, Staffs on the 22nd Oct
  • The Gloucester Race For Life was great. They had two starting marshals to follow, runners and walkers...really went smoothly, then there was a slight alteration on the path for the second lap for those runners lapping the walkers, It was ace.

  • I know some of the 'serious' runners slate the walkers in R4L (also went second in mine!) but I figure that that is better than doing no exercise at all and that some walk the first time but get inspired to run the following year. There was one person walking at the one I did pulling an Oxygen thingy round with them. Walking it in that state is more of an achievement than me running it!
  • I don't understand why anyone would slate people walking a course....the R4L is all about raising money for cancer research who cares how it's done?!?

    Tsk...mental note to self....don't become a 'serious' runner!!
  • Exactly! I wouldn't have started running if it wasn't for charity and with the way training was going I probably wouldn't have gobne through with it if it wasn't for the £260 I had raised!

    It's a good friendly place to start as there is such a big range of abilities - I didn't feel as useless!!!! (which I was!)
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