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  • Ice QueenIce Queen ✭✭✭
    The two Race For Lifes that I've done had seperate enclosures at the start for Runners and Walkers, and they let the runners go out first: for the one section of the course that has two laps they keep runners to the right and walkers to the left, so it's pretty easy to pass people. I think people who give it too much thought are missing the whole point of the event tho! It was a great experience and I wouldn't be running now without it.
  • Hi everyone,

    I posted occasionally on the old site but have been away on holiday for a while.

    I'm 24 and I started running a couple of months ago because I'm overweight and really unfit and feel that I'm too young to be feeling the way I do.

    I've been running on and off over the past couple of months but holidays, business trips and most other excuses you can think of have caused me to keep stopping and starting.

    I am now thinking of going back a step and just walking. Reading Mike H's posts about his wife, I can't help feeling that I'm in the same boat as her and that I've tried for too much too soon and that's why I can't get motivated. While I hated walking when I was a kid, I realised recently that it's actually quite nice. Whilst away on holiday, we went for a walk to climb a 1000ft hill that was nearby, having been told by a friend who went the day before that it only took him 1.5 hours and he got lost, we thought it'd be easy. No such luck! We got really, really lost and it took us 4.5 hours to get to the top! Still, it only took 1.5 hours to get down again and I really enjoyed it, it was so worthwhile for the lovely view from the top and for the feeling I got knowing I suceeded in the end.

    So I think I'll just stick to walking for now. I can still post on runners world though, right?!

  • Wow!

    oth - busy day on the thread or what.
    I see there are lots of stories, some training questions, injury/treatment questions, technical questions.
    Hopes hardships and half marathons.

    I will have a think about that logo design.
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Hello again

    Just thought I'd update on my trip to the fizz. He's given me the go ahead to start marathon training so basically its all go. Start officially on Monday, yippee!!!

    He promised to keep me patched up during the training if I need it. Also booked Mr HC in a course of beginner pilates so he can join the grown up class when he's finished that.

    Circuits went well but boy, forgot how tough they are.

    Dingus - heard Edinburgh Mara can be a tough one. Wasn't it really hot that day? How'd you get on.

    Welcome to all the newbies.

    I'm off to sit in a nice cold bath :-)
  • little tiger - you there?

    Going back to your IBS problem and running I have a similar problem and was really affected by food and couldn't shift weight - got horrendous cramping pains etc etc but.........I stopped eating all wheat and gluten. This was only quite recently as I'd just had enough and thought i'll give it a go and see what happens.

    I have to say and am not saying it will work for all has made a MASSIVE difference to me. The weight started to drop off obviously helped by the mileage increases and extra training but my stomach for the first time lost that horrible sore bloated feeling I always had.

    i can still carbo load and the gluten free pasta is actually very nice!! i eat a lot of rice cakes blueurgh - but you do get used to them and I have to admit giving up bread was very hard!! Just making the packed lunches in the morning was a killer!! But, I have got used to it and did have a 'buttie' not long ago as a friend made me lunch and not wanting to be impolite and put her out due to my new eating habits I suffered for it later.. so, no more wheat and gluten = happy tummy!

    Hope this helps it may be worth giving it a go if you haven't already?
  • Thanks Ems, I'm still here!

    The doctor actually tested me for a wheat intolerance but that's fine aparently. I tend not to eat it often anyway, prefering to stick to salads for lunch in the summer and nice home made veg soups in the winter (yum!). It seems to be affaceted by stress more than diet at the mo as I can't put my finger on a specific food that sets it off (kept a food diary as suggested). I don't feel particularly stressed out but maybe I am?!

    Anyway, thanks very much for the advice, it really does help and, although everyone is different and affected differently, it is nice to hear what others have done to help improve things. I'm hoping the bloating will start to ease soon, the pain has been getting better so maybe it will follow?!
  • Phew! I'm shattered just catching up. D

    Do you all run as fast as you post?

    Welcome, Bourne, Emmilou, Qwerty, Matilda, L'il Tiger, Morgs (again) and to our old friend Cerelia (not actually old though are you C?)

    There's been some good stuff posted today. I've enjoyed and been moved by people's stories of why they cam eto run (or walk).

    Again, good luck with all the training and runs planned. If the runs are on the list you'll get a big shout out beforehand and many of us will be waiting with baited breath for the post-run reports.

    I'm in the middle of dying my hair so will check back again later.

    Sian - if you ever catch up - I hope you're ok.

    LE - Sorry I missed you. HOpe you've cooled off following your trip to London.
  • Just a thought L'il Tiger. A friend of mine sees a chiropractor for IBS (that's C..H..I..)

    I know it sounds strange - but it helps him.
  • LT
    I hope it does get sorted as I can totally empathise - my mum is a chronic sufferer too. I din't bother going to the doctors!! Decided to sort it myself and found this has worked. So hard when you go out though as you don't realise how much wheat we can get through in a day amazing really!!! I do miss those door stop sarnies though :0(

    Have you tried going to a proper health practioner for an alternative remedy? A couple of tinctures or a prescription of homeopathic remedies may help - even for reducing stress that you may have lurking but thankfully don't feel to troubled by?

    Keep on running though as that's the best stress buster!!
  • OTH - got your mail thanks so much - clear as mud at the moment but promise to get my head round it and will sort it asap!! Instructions are clear just my mind fuzzing them up!
  • I thought.

    INSPIRE T-Shirt Design?

    something like this perhaps

    Constructive criticism only please.
  • What a fantastic thread! Is it too late to join in?
    Brief history - Lapsed runner, aged 46, starting on the way back to fitness and a possible FLM place. Work in the Nursing profession with mainly children in the community. Took up smoking again a few months ago due to stresses of the job, and boredem when travelling abroad recruiting. That, and too much damned good Polish food really took its toll on my running ability.
    Decided to quit the fags after running a time trial course 25 minutes slower than last year! Last ciggie 4 days ago, and actually found myself not thinking about it today!
    Any encouragement and company is much appreciated. Any of you guys live in or near Shoreham,West Sussex?
  • Hi folks,

    Looks like I'm joining the party a little late, but had good intentions to go out running tonight and have successfully landed myself on the sofa and spent the evening browsing this thread instead :-)! Still, I blame the heat and hopefully I've expended some energy through some of the inspiring stories!!!

    Bit about me - I also got hooked on this running lark through rfl. I had a pretty rough year in 2004 including me passing the 18 stone mark & reaching a size 22 in clothing and my mum being diagnosed with cancer. In early 2005, I decided it was time to do something about my weight, joined the gym, enrolled in a weight mgt course and entered rfl with my sister to raise money for cancer research. First time out the door I managed to run to the end of my road (<500 yds) - but persevered to complete rfl in just over 46 mins. The atmosphere was so fantastic that I was hooked and have kept up the running ever since.

    Completed this years rfl 2 weeks ago in 26.02, and have shifted a significant amount of weight in the process - hopefully some encouragement for those of you struggling! I've got about a stone left that I'd like to shift, but seem to have levelled out and have a Friday weakness for pizza - thought maybe joining in this thread my give me the encouragement to return to the healthy eating drive again!

    Have recently completed a spate of races from the sports relief mile up to a 15k and am toying with the idea of a marathon next year, though it sounds like an awful lot of effort! In the meantime, i've been conned into a triathlon in September - if anyone can offer me any advice on bikes I'd appreciate it!

    Hope to hear from some of you soon!
  • Good grief people!

    I'm out of the office for one measly day and this is what happens!!

    Welcome to everybody!! Its great to see so many new people!

    So quickly, before I need to go to bed:

    Stu- LOVE the t-shirt idea and more to the point, LOVE Big Dave's logo!!

    And its about time we got somebody else on here from Kent. Bourne- whereabouts are you?

    Been a long hot day. Hope nobody's melted! I have to be up on a bitumen roof with a blow torch tomorrow on the predicted hottest day of the year. Spare a thought...

    Time for bed I think. Sleep tight all- see you tomorrow.
  • Evening guys.

    Not long back from my evening run. Hot innit?

    I was later than anticipated, due to a nice(ish) pub supper. It is not easy running on a gammon and egg dinner, and I won't be doing that in a hurry again. Still, got an enjoyable, if gentle few miles in.

  • Normster

    It is the stated mission of this thread that it is never too late to join


    bikes - I haven't tri-ed yet, but I have read (in Runners World I think) that pretty much anything (so long as it goes(and stops))is ok for your first attempt.

  • UKY...if you ever see this post...what on earth do you do for your living??? I know you have mentioned crawling in attic spaces before, and something to do with cables...I'm most intrigued...
  • There is a piece about the tri, and starting out in this months magazine too...
  • Welcome Normster and Purple penguin, good to have you here. If you're both after encouragement, you've certainly come to the right place.

    Well done on the decision to quit smoking Normster, I've never smoked but both my dad and boyfriend used to so I have some idea of how hard it is to stop. I remember my boyfriend would tell me every day that he'd gone another day without smoking, he was so pleased with himself. 4 days is brilliant, it can only get easier from here. And if you're anything like he is, you'll see your fitness improve really quickly now you've quit.

    Can't really help you with losing the last stone PP, I've still got the first 4 to lose before I get that far! Everything I read says to up the exercise a bit if you plateau, apparently your body gets used to what you're doing. Maybe try running a bit further or a bit faster. Sorry not to be more helpful, I'm sure someone will be along with better advice soon.
  • I think running further was the key to my weight starting to go in the right direction. For me it was once i got to running for an hour that I noticed, everyone is so different though.
  • Hi normster and purple penguin.

    I'm going to start forgetting who people are - can someone whizz up that table that I think Sian suggested.

    BD - Thanks for popping by. The logo looks very professional - have you been working on that all day?

    UKY. Good to see you and

    Em, well done on your run (especially after the pub dinner - there's no way I could run after eating dinner).

    I think we have two Emmas now. So we may need to differentiate.

    Norm - good luck breaking that habit. I've never smoked byself but I know how tough it can be giving up.

    PP 26.02 is d@mn brilliant for a R4L. Hats off to you! What an INSPIRation.
  • Thanks for the advice Em and Cerelia. I'm also struggling to lose these days. The first stone shifted really fast but since then it has really been hard.

    I will be trying to run further and do more cross training on rest days...

    Alas, not this week - Out for a curry tomorrow and a chinese banquet on Friday.

    Ho hum.

    The thing is, I'm worried abot going out because of all the back reading I'll have to do!

    Off to bed now. CUL
  • Hi All

    UKY - I'm a kentish girl...or am I girl from kent ...well anyway I am from Kent! But now in Cambs - does that make you feel better!

    Well done to all these fast R4L times - I've only ever walked it, but tha's hopefully all change now!

    Night all!

  • Hi all,

    Happy chap- Well done on your ok for the Marathon. Yes it was pretty hot, struggled at 19 miles, but finished at 4 hrs 45 mins.
    Did a 6.5 mile run tonight in 57 mins 33 secs, really warm, enjoyed it though.
    Hope everybody is having a good night !!
    Thinking about you Mykey + Siân !!
  • Hi Normster and Purple Penguin , fantastic efforts and greatto hear people who are at that stage - not beginners but not banging out 10K's on demand. A critical time for many as they want to make early gains and often get injured.

    PurplePenguin - you are doing what my wife is trying to do and it shows that it can be done , great improvements too .
  • beaker you can measure your runs using this free tool, its brilliant[url/]<>
  • oops you get the point!
  • omg! How did I manage to miss so many posts? I swear I was only afk for the day..had to get my daily aol quiz fix the had stuff at kids school, then shopping. Miracle I ever get time for work really.

    I'm off to the docs first thing tomorrow about the strange pains in my calf after running. What's the betting he hasn't got a clue? If I have no luck, I'm off to the running shop in town where I got my trainers to see what they suggest. Has anyone had experience of taking stuff back to shops? I really don't have the money to get any more shoes (week before pay day blah blah) and I'm not sure whether I want to get insoles to stick in the shoes.

    I'm supposed to be doing a 2 mile run tomorrow but think I might wimp out and repeat yesterday's 10 minute plod. Really can't take the pain when I finish, but if I give up it's chalk up another failure to get fit against my name.

    Will let you all know how I get on tomorrow, Y-i-P
  • Allie

    The design took less than 90mins. (look at the times of my last two posts)

    (Blows on fingernails and polishes them on chest)
  • Cerelia ... good to see ya!!! Hope you had a good holiday. Don't you go worrying about your running (or lack of) .. and it is mandatory for you to post on this thread whether you run, walk or sit on the couch all day long. That way I know you'll see the right kind of support and encouragement and not give up. You walk if it is what you feel is right for you now .. when you are ready to run again you'll feel it! Oh, and I still have 5.5 stone to lose before I am down to correct weight - so don't fret about that either - we will get there one day :-)

    Welcome Purple Penguin and Normster. Let me know if you want any upcoming races added to the list. Hope you enjoy the thread :-)

    Big D - great design ... love it! You are right to feel pleased with yourself :-)

    Kwilter .. I'm not as good at lecturing as Misty is but ... not running when you have pain is definitely NOT 'chalking up a failure to get fit' !!! In fact, it is aiding fitness by not aggravating an already painful leg ... so don't beat yourself up about it. You may need to ease back for a short while, but in the long run it will be better for you. I know! I was that person !!!!! ;-)

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