Joining a running club

Hi everyone, this is probably a really!! silly question but here goes anyway.

Whats actually involved in joining a running club ? I assume that they'd have regular training nights, but what else ?

The reason I'm asking is, I started back running probably about 3 months ago after a long, long layoff and have really caught the bug.

I'm really chuffed with how quickly I've improved from doing 10k in about 66 minutes I'm now quite comfortable doing them in 46 minutes and I recently did the swansea bay 5k in 22.55, not quick I know but a huge improvement for me.

So what I basically want to know is it worth me as a 36 year old whose probably still almost a stone overweight joining a running club ? and if so once I've joined what happens then ?



  • Hi Steve, first of all well done for getting your times down so rapidly.

    Most clubs will have one or two training sessions a week. Apart from that tho' the main benefits of a running club are that you have other people to train with, a wealth of experience re injuries/training etc, a good social scene, cheaper race entry fees. The first few times you go along they'll see what your pace is and fit you in with one of the established groups.

    Although you're obviously doing well on your own I'm sure you'd benefit from joining a club esp when, as is bound to happen, you go through a tough spell.

    Keep on running! ;o)
  • Why not suck it and see :>}

    Good clubs won't ask you for subs until you are absolutely certain.

    What have you got to lose?
  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭
    Funny. I just asked the same question.
  • Funny. I just answered it.

    Echo all of what Kazzah says plus more, best thing you can do for your running after buying your running shoes!
  • I babysit our new members and they all say they should have joined much sooner.

    You take out of the club what you want or need - support and encouragement, structured training and advice and don't forget the beer.

    It's not school; you turn when you can or want too and do what you want. As well as the usual two nights a week taining, smaller groups meet at anytime, so you're never stuck for a partner - or you still run on your own as well.

    The most significant differences are getting outside your usual training comfort zone and knowing people at races.

    Pace is irrelevant, club runners appreciate and recognise effort and commitment. Most clubs are not elitist ; a recent 10k showed our club members times as varying from 32 to 65 mins.

    You can only improve :>}
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