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Anyone know where I can get running shorts and leggings suitable to wear during pregnancy?
I've thought about getting bigger sizes - but assume they'll be too long and baggy in the legs - not very effective in wind and rain


  • A tip suggested to me by friend - although I never tried it, is to buy a bigger size and wear them back to front. The larger 'rear' can accommodate the bump. Apparently it works well for tights too.
  • It is a really difficult one. I have contacted all the big runner shops to ask for advice. I am running at 10weeks and, at the moment can wear my usual stuff. I would hate to have to wear oversized 'new year resoluotion people' jogging bottoms. You know the image we all hate - the huge t-shirt and leggings. I want to wear serious clothes, especially as I get much warmer now and will intend on excersing in hot weather ( I am due in August). I have so far recieved only one helpful email from Jo Thomas:
    Sorry for the delay in replying we did not re-open until Tuesday 4th. Insport did at one time feature maternity clothes in their ranges, they found that demand was not high enough to continue as most ladies stretched there usual size up to 18-20 weeks and after that were happy with out sized not technical gear as they were not doing so much, they found most runners reduced to low mileage and walk/run.
    In the ranges that we do I would suggest looking at the Röhnisch Active range the T-shirts and sleeveless style are generously cut and nice and long, they are technically very good. At the moment we only have trousers from the range but we can get the shorts. They also do maternity but only one style of top and trouser which is designed more for relaxation classes. You can see the Active tops on the website we have black at the moment but could order white, red or navy for you if you wanted us to.
    Kind regards jo
    Hope this is of use.
  • Hi Pixie Lee

    I am a pregnant runner and desperate to find some suitable performance clothes. I notice that you talk about the ranges that you do. Do you have a link or address? Also can anyone else help or have any suggestions?


  • This might not be much help but I carried on running til I was 25 weeks and I found my usual running clothes grew with me. You may also find as a runner you may not get very big, I had a tiny bump my midwife said because I am a runner the stomach muscles are so strong they hold baby in nice and neatly. Its great to see that you are running whilst pregnant everyone thought I was mad and that it wasn't safe to keep running but I had the best pregnancy & a brilliant birth so keep on running girls.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. This is my second pregnancy. I did not run during my 1st and deeply regretted it. Anyway despite my tummy being in good form pre- pregnancy, my belly has popped straight out, making things a little tight. I think I can squeeze into these for a few more weeks, then I will have to improvise :-)
  • clare
    have you tried the activemums website?
    the stuff's not too bad (although i managed to rub my inner thighs fairly raw on an 8 mile race at the weekend wearing the leggings i bought from them. they're not dri-fit and i should have used the old vaseline!)
  • My wife (and mother of our 7 week old boy) ran until 37 weeks - didn't buy any new clothes but pinched mine.

    Her one purchase was a pair of horrible pants with a bit at the front to help support the bump but she didn't bother with them after a while.
  • wow - well done mrs mck!

    i don't think there'd be much point me pinching my husband's. he only wears baggy shorts (and i only like the lycra ones), and his hips are smaller than mine, and he wears a small size. ;-)
  • I have a pair of maternity running leggings free for anyone who would like them. Size small- 10 roughly. These were given to me by a fellow runner and I would like to pass them on. Let me know if you want thwm and I will send straight to you. X
  • Hi,

    You should check out They are a brand new UK based company who produce maternity sportswear and leisurewear for the pregnant and post-pregnant woman who wants to look and feel good whilst exercising. They were recently at the Baby Show at the NEC.


  • Hi

    Sportybump! Isn't that a great idea.  You should also try Eve Activewear, they are a UK company who sell larger sized sportswear but if you look at the sizes, the US kit (e.g. this short sleeved top has a bigger waist and hips than 'normal' UK sizes so it will accommodate your bump before and after your wee one makes an appearance.


  • Hi!  I bought my maternity sports wear from - the quality is really good and its designed to fit your bump right through to birth (and after).  Heartily recommend them, the clothes are lovely image

  • I got these Bumpfit leggings and they are really comfy.
  • I bought a bunch of stuff from Seraphine -
    Worth every penny and is making my pregnancy a lot smoother and stress free - one less thing to stress about.
  • I bought maternity sportswear from - great quality and awesome for running
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