Lower Leg Pain.

Please can someone advise me on a problem i am having.

I have been running for the past 8 weeks on both road and tredmill, and have managed 3 mile at a reasonable pace.

6 weeks ago i visitted a well known running shoe outlet, and following a computerised assessment, was advised of purchasing footwear with mild medial support.

After using these trainers for a week i noticed an aching in both ankles, which at the time i put down to impact wear and tear due to my increasing distance.

This non specific aching has increased run on run until tonight i am crippled following a two mile road run.

The pain tonight is for the first time a little more specific with an obvious focus found in both legs.

Generally it is a dull aching in a 5 cm band around both lower legs with obvious to touch hot spots within this band. These are approx 10 cm above the medial malleolus, which radiates to the rear of the lower leg when pressed.

Putting the ankle through a full range of motion does not make any difference, although weight bearing is painfull to the entire lower leg.

Any suggestions / advice greatly welcomed.

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