Is it just me, or is the gentleman featured in the Rave Run on pages 14 and 15 of this month's mag showing off a little more than he should be?



  • Come on people, work with me here...
  • Don't get the magazine, so can't offer an opinion!
  • Sorry, don't have a copy of the magazine to hand which I suspect is a good thing. Begs the question though, why were you studying the picture so closely in the first place!!! :o)
  • That is indeed a good question, Smashie.

    Let's just say it cuaught my eye last night!
  • I clearly wasn't studying the mag in quite as much detail as you were!!!

  • ooooh, i don't know. am quite looking forward to going home and having a look through the mag now ;-)
  • I hadnt noticed either but Im finishing work early to go have a look.
  • there's deffo something there!
  • eeewwwwwwwwwww.

    I had to look didnt i......

  • My thoughts exactly! And I didn't look that closely either.
  • I am amazed that got past the editors, to be honest!!
  • I can imagine the scene down his running club

    Him: Hey guys - have you seen RW, I'm featured in rave run this month :oD

    Them: Er yeah mate - did you have to show your privates off as well?

    poor guy must be mortified!
  • There's something there lol... can't believe I've just held the mag close to my eyes, how sad and sick is that ... and at work as well :-)
  • Im going to nip to the shop and have a look I cant stand the anticipation.
  • well I looked at a copy while I was in Smiths - a woman nearby gave me a very funny look for peering at this bloke's nadgers :os
  • In the immortal words of the Uni rugby club..............

    Shaft or sack?
  • There's a good reason hurdlers wear lycra.
  • Shaft or Sack... good question and I think the jury is out on this one, I'm going shaft ;-)
  • So sad I had to go out to newsagents for a peak


    How embarrassed would you be
  • I'll go for sack then, Pug!

    I think we should launch a campaign to get RW to apologise to its readers for any offence caused.

    I, for one, am deeply offended, and am not sure if I can cope.

    Where's Sean Fishpool when you need him??
  • hopefully the new sub-editor will sort this sort of thing out
  • Why couldn't this sort of mistake be made with one of the female models that have been gracing the front cover in recent months?!
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