Last minute shopping

Right in the early hours of the morning I made a huge pirate stencil for road decoration purposes, just need to get non- permanent spray paint preferably in PSoF yellow. Any ideas?

Dom also did me a small one and I have some glow in the dark spray to use for the ones on the run course for team members who may be running in the dark, not sure if it will work but will give it a go.


  • make sure its non-permanent!! we'll be wanting the IM Austria organisers to let us enter their race, and do us a favour re setting up a swap shop for entries, in the next few months.
  • I will update in a while mate, we are going to hobby craft for some paint so Kel can paint 2 great big poster tube holders yellow as well, they are a bit like the inflatable hot dog things but cardboard and louder !!!!! if I can find some non permanent stuff I will text you to see if you have any already.
  • that's a great idea with the poster tube holders!
  • Yeah the glow in the dark stuff is deffinately non permanent but at £6 a small can is only for the run, need something cheaper for the bike route. Fell asleep thinking of slogans for the road, as I think I may get run over writing over 60 names one after the other!

    I also have two rows of bunting and two giant priate flags for supporters, after race party etc. Got a great one that has the skull and crossbones with "commitment to excellence" written beneath, not sure it applies to us though, it is more an ironic statement. Oh and I adapted two Englan chav flags for the car but don't think Dave willlet me use them as he's driving.
  • No English flags please, they'll upset my stride!!
  • Chalk might not be a bad idea. I'm going past a model shop shortly though, so I'll take a look for paint then.

    If anyone is going past somewhere that sells pirate eye-patches, please get me one and I'll reimburse you. Woolworths in Bristol has sold out (for the last two months I might add!).
  • I've just bought a spray paint in yellow similar to the kit. It should be suitable for the road too. Well, by that I mean the guy at the shop doesn't reckon it'll even stick to the road. Seemed the better option than the one that would require paint thinner for removal.
  • i wonder if it's possible to get a chalk spray or something like that.

    perhaps the slogan could be modified to "commitment to excellence ;-) "or "commitment to excellence?"
  • sorry, was just thinking out loud, commitment to excellence just by itself is nice and ironic.

    that's so nice you're going to the effort of painting the roads. it gave me a real lift seeing "go pirates" etc that carl had written on the road at bala.
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