Wed 19th July 2006

# That's a chance you take, when the heat's on you

The heat is certainly on me as of late & I don't mean weatherwise :-|

What: 30-40min easy
Why: Scheduled Recovery
LastHard: Tue
LastRest: Mon

Enjoy the hot weather while it lasts.


  • let you have that one NRG

    This weather rocks

    what: 20miles+ AM and a gym session
    club 1 mile TT PM
    why: Boddington is getting close
    last hard: last night ish
    last rest: Monday
  • Mornin' early birds!

    tonights gentle 8 miler turned into a 75 minute tempo run! Still, nice though.

    what - reps, reps, reps. probably 12 times 400
    Why - speed, speed, speed. I've got some 3000 ms coming up in August and September.
    last hard(ish) - yesterday
    Last rest - Sun

    happy running
  • pizza man

    all nighter more like :¬0
  • Big efforts Gobi and Pizza Man.

    Nrg-b - totally agree, knowing the people on the training forum watching out for you helps when the going gets tough. Certainly helped me in my last 3 marathons!

    What: 6 miles easy - chest still a little tight, had 3 layers on top, cap but still shorts. It was drizzling but I was wrapped up warm enough - saw 70 year old runner cruising along - now that is a sight I love to see.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    NZC - IM numbers: MelP - 299, Melli - 304, Debbo - 313 There will also be lots of news over on the tri page somewhere.

    I should be in bed but have just been doing some last minute panicking - putting new tyres on my bike which proved to be incredibly difficult!

    What: a short OW swim, pack and fly#
    Why: off to Germany!!!
    Last hard: those damn tyres
    Last rest: monday
  • Thanks Debbo - have a good one - remember to fuel!! Listen to me - I haven't even done a little tri but have friends that have. Totally have an awesome time - go girls!!
  • good luck debbo
  • Morning peeps.

    Early morning run due to it being so hot during the night, wakened when milkman arrived, so got up and went out and it's warm already.

    Decent enough run, considering !

    Ultra: Good lyrics,again.

    All the best to those doing the IM. Respect.

    I am another who won't be doing Comrades next year, though there's more chance of me doing it, than doing an IM !

    Interesting mens fashion discussion yesterday.

    Working in the centre of Glasgow you do see some sights....

    Well off for my weigh in soon.

    Have a good one peeps. Stay cool.
  • Birkmyre

    lyrics are not mine :¬)
  • Morning All

    What: 10 miles later

    Why: Medium run

    Last Hard: Monday

    Last Rest: Sunday

    Good luck to the IM peeps.

    Sounds as if your having a warm time of it back there, mind you as per SKY news its only 20C or so at 0600 which sounds good to me.
  • morning all. 10 posts at 5.40am!

    debbo, good luck.

    nrg-b - take care. Hope things ease up a bit soon.

    What: 'run' to work
    Why: it seems to be the only way to get a run in these days
    Last hard: getting up this morning

  • morning all

    what: mid-week medium long run. Schedule says 9, but up to 12 depending on heat and time home from work.
    why: BERLIN in 66 days :o)
    Last rest: monday
    Last hard: yesterday's intervals in the midday sun followed by a sports massage. OUCH OUCH OUCH
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Poppy i woke too late to get an hours run in, maybe tomorrow

    What: 6 miles (incl 4-5 x long hills) much later
    Why: Dublin
    Last Hard: Saturday

    Look after yourselves today. Keep hydrated.
  • Morning,

    Last night "I ain't gonna play" ended up with 14 x half miles in 2.45 off 1 min recovery - we found some shade and a bit of a breeze which helped a lot. Felt like I ate my own weight in insects so plenty of protine available :0)

    Today is -

    What: 15 miles pm
    Why: mid week medium long run

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: 31 days I think

    Have a goodly day.
  • Morning
    Sitting here in SA we are just more than half way through winter and cannot handle the cold any longer. I had to smile yesterday reading that some of the regulars want the cold weather back. Well as hard as you are wishing the cold back I know that I am wishing summer back, bring on the heat.
    Still no running for me. Will be starting in about 10 days and then it is full steam ahead. Glad to see the list of Comrades is growing.

    K9 – still not giving up on you and THANKS.

    Debo – Good luck with the race
  • Morning all

    Didn't get time to post yesterday, only 4 miles easy - still struggled in this heat!

    What: 6 miles d&d

    Why: To beat the heat/new plasma tv is being delivered anytime from 7am

    Last Hard: Today - its bloody hot already

    Last Rest: Saturday

    Have fun - ill try and catch up later tonight
  • Morning peeps

    Gobi ... do you sleep ?? Good luck with the 20 miler.

    Decided to run early this morning and "beat the heat"

    What: - 7.5 miles steady with 4.2 miles in the middle at 7:20 pace, felt comfy
    Why:- mid week steady run
    Last rest:- yesterday

    Beautiful out there - glorious sunrise over misty lake. Although it has yet to warm up, it is quite muggy and I still sweated out 1.5 litres in the run.
  • morning,

    today's run done early as tonight will be too hot. just 15mins, but that will do for the time being.

    Good luck wishes to the forum IM peeps, Melissa, Melifera and debbo.

    You'll all worked so so hard. We're proud of you whatever happens. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GIVE IT SOME ;))

  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I echo pauls post to our Ironmaidens:-)

    Pammie I am sorry ,my alarm set for 4.30am out at 5am just back.It is warm out there already normally lovely cool air it was so humid and warm!!!

    What:9 miles

    why: consistancy

    Have a good day

    i have 15 mins to wash dress and breakfast before going to work:-(
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Wish it was a bit hotter ;-)

    What: 12M @ mp+10-20%
    Why: Berlin marathon

    Good luck Iron persons!
  • Morning


    nrg-b - I found my marathon time to be a rather inaccurate indication of my Comrades finishing time. 50K and longer will be more accurate. The last 25km is what it is about. It is quite possible to run 83km in under 8 hours and then struggle for an hour and a half to finish the last few k's.

    What: 7 miles
    Why: To quote NZC 'Running makes me happy'
    Last hard: Sunday

    Have a good one.
  • Morning guys,

    all these good lucks are quite overwhelming! I will be thinking of you all during the race, I promise! If someone will e-mail me their mobile number, I will ask my aunt to text in updates too.

    What: short hard swim, bike and run
    Why: guess?!!
    Last hard: ages
    Last rest: Saturday, I think

    Good runnings everyone.
  • Morning!

    If they are ironmaidens, then shouldn't they all have number 666?

    Huge good luck to all the pirates in cool and pleasant Frankfurt!

    Hope the heat isn't too hot, nrg - although I'm sure the future's bright.

    wabo - glad to hear you are back.

    K9 - stop teasing them and sign up.

    debbo - practice those tyres - my rims make the tyre fitting horribly tight too - takes a good 10 minutes of swearing and shoving to get the tyres back on. Never had to fix anything in a race yet... but I know it will happen one day...

    Sportaloo - take it easy! And is Irma a definite for C in 2007?

    What: off for a swim now, don't know what later
    Why: It is hot and I'm supposed to be racing tomorrow night
    Lyrics: Vaguely
  • What: Waddesdon Manor 5k
    Why: Only slightly ignoring Hal, who says "Three miles at an easy pace, then do some strength training. Learn to breathe right when you do your lifts. The worst mistake you can make while lifting is to hold your breath, warns personal trainer Cathy Vasto. That simply tightens the muscles that you want to keep loose. Inhale while you prepare to lift the weight, then exhale while lifting it, inhaling again while lowering it. "The best way to breathe is naturally," says Vasto, "so that you’re not even aware you’re doing it."
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Sunday

    Feel almost guilty about running a race during a stepback week but midweek 5K races aren't common and I want to do at least one. PB here I come.

    I'm not sure how hard to go for it, given that I've got a 6-mile MP run on Friday. I think I'll just run as hard as I can manage in the knowledge that it'll be over quickly! Sub-25 would be good, but the heat will decide.
  • Ironmaidens, go go go! It'd almost be worth doing the training and flogging my poor old bod just to be there to see you do it close up (for the first few minutes) ;)

    What: 10 miler, medium, in half an hour or so
    Why: HCA marathon on September 17, trying to work training programme into our beginner's programme, not easy, today I can go out on my own.
    Last hard: Monday, hill reps with fast beginners

    Shoe update - tried XIs last night for 5 miler with marathon group. No ham probs, no bum probs, Achilles still complaining but more for the sake of it I think.
  • SVT - exhaling is easy enough when you lift, but counter-intuitive on pull downs! Also on the rowing machine I find. But then I am coordinationally challenged I fear.
  • morning again. 7.5 d&d. PB for the route in my current incarnation as an even slower runner than I used to be last year! But HR was higher for the extra pace. Ho hum. Aiming for a third run to work this week on Friday.

    stay cool out there. It sure is a scorcher already.
  • Morning

    WP, very strong views you posted on tattoos last night - "yuk". I'd be intersted in what you perceive the people who have them to be like then. Is it just the visual sight of them that gives you such views or is it that you think it says something 'ugly' about the person who has them?

    Have fun Ironmaidens :-)

    SVT, good luck in the 5k!

    Scoobs, sorry to read about Mr Scoob's hip. I hope he gets a good diagnosis and treatment soon and is back doing what he enjoys.

    Nrg-b, would a nice cool bath help? :-)

    what:Doncaster 5k
    why:a new race for me and I like doing new things.

  • Morning,

    What: 7.5 miles on bike am, OW swim and short run pm
    Why: Foot still sore so missing club run
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: 4 days
  • I rather enjoy observing K9's mating dance with the Comrades, Holly ;-)

    So mava in supporting capacity and Stellina running in Dartford, hey? Might have to go down to the town next door on Sunday for a spot of supportering then myself... 9am start, right?
    Now trying to sell this to the other half...

    What: 3k easy d&d
    Why: right lower leg assessment
    Initial outcome: running itself felt fine, toyed with the idea of running 5k, then thought sensibly 'plenty of time to run distances later, just the act of running alone matters now'.
    No noticable aftermath so far, fingers crossed.
    Not particularly looking forward to long drive home tonight though. Can I ask my medical insurance for a car with cruise control? ;-)

    SVT, I've never raced anything under 10 miles myself (not raced much at all tbh) so looking forward to your report.
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