The Wild and Wickedly Wonderful Triple F

Morning all

Thought I would start the thread today before I went to bed.

Thanks for your kind words last week about job loss. Had a few days off and will start looking tomorrow.



  • morning
  • Morning BZ
  • hi and Bye BK
    Off to work
  • Morning all, hope you slept well - is it morning already?
  • BK is not a happy bunny so won't be inflicting himself on you today. Have a good day all
  • G'day folks. BK!, will mail.

    Barkles has a poorly leg today, so won't be runing unless the flaming thing loosens up.. tighter than a ... ( fill the rest in yourself)
  • Morning all!

    Body Pump for me and then a six miler in my new trainers to give them a proper try out :-)
  • Body pump?

    is that legal?
  • Morning! just knocked out a quick 3 miler on the TM at work, good start to the day though am sure I'll be feeling knackered later...

    still stuck at 12:8...

    18 miles at the w/e!
  • Barkles

    Might be a bit difficult for deer!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning all!
  • Morning

    Well done lamb, 3M before work is no mean feat.

    I managed a walk back from the pub last night at super speed (including a short jog) and have no ill effects this morning so it's starting to look up. Still its swiss ball and weights for me at lunch.

    Have a good day all
  • Strange diet you have there tulips!
  • Morning all!!
  • am starting to feel the effects of my foolish TM escapade alrady and have to go and deliver my report to the tasking meeting in 10 mins!
  • Morning all.

    Legs are very stiff this morning after 9.5 miles last night. Would have been fine except for joining up with an impromtu running partner half way round who insisted that I should run at his pace, even though he was only "going around the block". Now I know that I should have let him go, but this fellas was a good 20 years older than me and we couldn't have that now, could we?

    Good tasking meeting lamb?
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Flying off to Amsterdam this afternoon! Yes!
  • Business or(tweaks moustache) pleasure Glenn?
  • Have a good time Glenn
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Pleasure! I'm meeting my wife there! She's flying to Amsterdam from Copenhagen today.
  • Bon voyage.
  • meeting went OK... got some of the sections to target the hotspots, result...

    filbert i was meaning to ask you something running related have completely forgotten,,,
  • Think Lamb, think..................

    I hate it when that happens.
  • Don't do that Pixie! You made me jump.
  • nope, it's gone.... damn!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Tell the truth Pixie. Are you always lurking in the background waiting to jump out on unsuspecting forumites?
  • Never mind lamb, happens to me all the time. I am the ultimate in "notes to self".

    Pixie, I never had you down as a lurker.
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