Armthorpe 10K

3rd PB in 3 weeks for Lamb!! Armthorpe is a fast, flat course, the only inclines being the 2 motorway bridges you cross... Scenic it aint but definitely a good course for a PB attempt!
10K is my least favourite distance as I am not a whippet-like short distance runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I took almost 3 minutes off my PB (51:55 on the watch, 52:02 on the clock) and followed that with the best fish n chips I've had in a long time!!
The mile markers were a tad dodgy, I did mile 1 in 7:47 and mile 6 9:57 if they are to be believed!
Anyway, I'm not complaining after a good PB, and I'm going to take a couple of weekends' rest after the last 3 weeks of racing!!


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Well done Lamby, where did you get the fish n chips? Don't take things too easy, otherwise you may lose some of that hard earned fitness.
  • Drew, don't worry, I won't be stopping training, just not racing! Will still be following the RW half-mara schedules as normal..

    F N C froma place just across from the race HQ, loads of runners in there!
  • Well done bud, another PB!? Bloody hell!

    I would definitely go on the watch time (it's not your fault that it took 7 seconds to cross the line!).

    Fish and chips! Gosh, it seems like ages since I had that! I must be getting healthy in my old age!
  • It never tasted so good after weeks of being well-behaved!
  • Well done 'the lamb' you'll be sub 50 before long

  • Yes, will have to start reviewing my goals as times that I never thought I'd get now seem within my reach! Once I've got a sub 2 half under my belt, i'll start attacking a sub-50 10K, 85min 10M and 1 50 half!
  • Just realised I have been a bit stupid - 10K = 6.2 miles so actually that last split is an 8:17 sixth mile plus 1:40 0.2M, so not so bad after all, maybe I really DID run the first mile in 7:47!!!
  • Brilliant Lamb, that's more £s in the kitty then (when are you going to tell everybody about your scheme??). Sounds like your training is really paying off, well done.
  • Cheers, LL, I think DW is regretting signing up to our scheme as I have cost him about £35 in the past 4 weeks!!
  • Too bloody right!!! I think I've been hustled!!!
  • Hang about... Isn't 'Lamb on a roll' Normally called a doner kebab?!
  • LOL!!! Chilli sauce Sir?!
  • No... Just garlic please... And lots of onions!
  • Now then now then now then then now!
    Wos going on here then lads? hijacking my thread again? i'll have you know I have never been served on a spit!!!!
  • But spit only adds to the flavour!
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