my hips hurt, any ideas??

I have always had achey hips after a run, but yesterday after taking the first step on a run my right hip gave me loads of pain. After a 1/2 mile it dissapeared. But was constantly hurting to walk on afterwards. This morning they are both a little achey but this is usuall for me.

Coincidently I wore a new pair of trainers yesturday for the first time to alleviate problems I have been having with my feet, surley I cant get rid of one problem to cause another with a change in trainers, could I????

Has any one sufferd from this before?
Any suggestions?


  • Waterbabe, nice name, be careful if a chap called David B appears at your elbow ;-)

    when you say "hip" where precisely do you mean?
  • Err, hard to descibe!!
    Right on the boney bit at the very top of my legs. My hips. Almost feels like the actuall joint hurts.
  • sfh legs -
    Just read your "a pain on the ilium?" thread, that sounds very similar to the problem I have. Apart from yesterday they have never hurt during excersise, only afterwards. Again it doset feel a muscular problem but more of a joint.


    glad to see some one else has the problem too!!

    How are your hips now?? Did you come up with any solution?
  • Hmm

    1) I posted the pain in the ilum thread to try attract the attention of the medics but to no avail! the reason being that after some research I felt most hip injury articles referred to either the ball/socket joint itself or the boney protruberance at the top of the femur

    2) I've had this problem for 9 months and not found any resolution. :-(

    Good luck
  • Hi Waterbabe,
    I have had lots of trouble with my hip and found out that it is caused by the piriformis muscle being knotted and inflammed.I am seeing a physio and a will have a sports massage. try and see a good physiotherapist.

    good luck
  • tight psoas muscles can cause problems - the illio-psoas muscles are attached from the illiac crest of hipbone -and to femur and there is also a connection to spine - if these muscles are tight or injured then stiffness and pain can result - id see a physio and get your pelvis and lower back checked out and loosened up if need be

    new shoes might also contribute - when something is corrected it can cause pain elsewhere because of compensation for the imbalance
  • Interesting to read Bune(fat rascal)'s message about loose pelvis and lower back helping dodgy hips. I get exactly the same symptoms as Waterbabe, but when I consciously make an effort to run with my pelvis tipped forward, the hip pain during and after is absent. But be warned, if that is not your usual running position, you will feel quite sick and achey (especially in the knees and lower back) for sometime afterwards as a a result. Well I do anyway - I think it's something to do with different pressures being put on the nerves running through the spine. If you run before bedtime, by the time you wake, you should be fine though!
    Now someone will tell me I'm doing it wrong!
  • Hi everybody
    Thanks for all your advice, I shall take it on board.
    I have been for a run this morning and thankfully the pain in my hip (when running) seems to have ceased. Although I know I will still ache there later!!!
    I think i shall take your advice and see a physio.
    Water Babe
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