the person underneath...



  • false I'm in my jamma bottoms ans vest

    the person underneath had a cup of tea made for them this morning
  • False. I've got to get a cup of coffee from the coffee shop.

    The person underneath is beautiful.
  • False though not a ming hag either

    The person underneath likes sitting in front of a real fire in the winter
  • True

    The person underneath wanders round the house naked.
  • false it would scare the children:-)

    the person underneath can knit
  • true

    The person underneath is going on holiday this weekend.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    the person below can't spell eskimo
  • false

    the person underneath is under 40
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    true (my first true reply)

    the person underneath has been to the country guan
  • false (what the hell is a guan??)

    the person underneath has bagels for lunch..
  • False

    The person underneath snacks on almonds...
  • False - brazil nuts

    The person underneath has chatted up a stranger on a train.
  • Talk to a stranger on a train. No, never. False

    The person below is, against better judgement, thinking of applying for FLM 2007 via the ballot.
  • false, you have to be kidding! I can just stagger 2 miles on a good day...with a following wind...downhill

    The person underneath regrets getting their eyebrows dyed
  • False - why, are they orange or something?

    The person underneath really enjoys a good massage
  • true, when I get time.

    No stumpy just very dark brown, I look like a goth

    The person underneath would rather have hairy legs than wax them
  • True. You keep away from my hirsute pins.

    The person below would rather go for a five mile run that have sex.
  • Dye the rest of your hair to match?

    False - waxing's great!

    The person underneath is dreading going to the gym tonight
  • NT - False (5-mile run THEN sex (all sweaty anyway))

    The person underneath has been injured this year
  • False, looking forward to going for a swim.

    The person underneath fantasises about rolling around in mud with Joanna Lumley.
  • False, not from Lesbos!

    The person underneath is really bored at work
  • Almost true, a soapy bath would be better.

    The person below would sell their soul to the devil to play guitar like Joe Satriani
  • Interesting X-post!
  • False (I quite like playing like me, and given that I manly play inchurch I probably shouldn't sell my soul to the devil for further ability)

    The person underneath supports Chelsea
  • What's 'manly play' SVT?
    and can I watch?
  • False

    The person underneath actually belives it tastes like chicken
  • True, if chicken, false for anything else

    The person underneath has ever typed 'manly' when they meant 'mainly'
  • False. Most of the time I am mainly manly, except when I want to get in touch with my feminine side and then I am not mainly manly but mainly womanly.

    The person below fancies their next door neighbour
  • False - both quite old

    The person underneath owns a telescope
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    the person below has asked a german lady
    "kann ich trinke dein scheide saft"
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