the person underneath...



  • X post
  • Hah- how dare you. False

    The person underneath me is not George Clooney :-(
  • Also x post
  • True- like popcorn

    Where's George though?

    The person underneath has a record player

  • True

    The person underneath has had sexual relations with a famous person.
  • True (was said relationship that made her famous;) )

    The person underneath is thinking about sex right now
  • False

    I still haven't found him (George) otherwise it would be very true.

    The person underneath has had sexual relations today
  • Bliddy x posts
  • true but In havnt used it for ages its in storage

    the person underneath would like to go on a date with hugh grant
  • What ?????????
  • you may find that you will need new batteries then stoxy :)
  • I think stoxy's talking about her record player but that has got to be the funniest x-post :-D
  • LOL

    Please tell me you meant the record player ??????
  • Anyway back to Hugh Grant..........

    No way....

    The person underneath needs ne batteries for an electrical item
  • false

    The person underneath has yet to offer to cook me a mean vegetable curry
  • True. I only do chicken curries.

    The person underneath will be drinking beer this evening.
  • true I will be drinking beer tonight, and yes I was talking about my record player

    the person underneath is frightened to post in case the same silly xposts happen to them
  • Very true.

    The person underneath should buy me a few pints
  • false, cheeky sod.

    the person underneath likes green jelly beans. yuck!
  • false I dont like jelly beans

    the person below likes mushy peas (eugh!!)
  • True

    The person underneath has an interest in stamp collecting
  • False

    The person underneath is a dominatrix in her spare time.
  • true ( not really, but it wouldnt be interesting to put false would it)

    the person below has shares in the company they work for
  • False, but I do have shares in the company I used to work for.

    The person underneath drives a flash car.
  • false, have failed my test twice

    the person underneath went to the cinema last night
  • False-Haven't been for ages

    The person underneath owns a tent
  • False

    The person underneath would like to offer me the apples from the tree in their garden
  • True

    But I cut it down last year coz the trunk had rotted.

    I had to attach the roots to a big truck and drive away to pull them out the ground it was SOOOO old and big.


    The person underneath buys there fruit from a local store rather than the supermarket
  • True.

    The person underneath likes sugar on their lettuce
  • False

    The person underneath likes farm shops and organic food
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