the person underneath...



  • true

    The person underneath is a sheep
  • Baaaa!

    The person underneath likes their beef rare.
  • False
    Don't eat beef

    The person underneath rarely likes their food
  • false I'm a medium girl

    the person underneath had a cheese and ham roll for lunch
  • False

    Marmite on toast

    The person underneath loves marmite neat off the knife/spoon/finger
  • True.

    The person underneath loves a drop of red wine
  • True

    A few drops actually

    The person underneath likes France
  • France is okay, but not my favourite place in the world.

    The person underneath is about to be invacuated!
  • False

    I hope -it sounds scary

    The person underneath wants to know what invacuated is?
  • true

    the person underneath has eaten an ostrich burger before
  • false

    the person underneath needs a hair cut
  • They send us all to the vaults.... Oohps, off we go!
  • True ( grade 1 )

    The person undrneath has chewed their toe nail clippings
  • Mister W .....and.......

    BRT that's disgusting
  • I'm back...... if there's a bomb scare outside the building they send us all down into the vaults as it's the safest place to be.


    The person underneath is eyeing up the girl sitting across the other side of the office in a tight white top.
  • false I'm sitting in a semi darkened room in a black t shirt alone

    the person underneath likes egg mayonnaise
  • True

    The person underneath wants to go to the pub and have a beer.
  • true but I'd rather have white wine

    the person underneath is in a book club
  • False.

    The person underneath does however read a book a week on average
  • false but I do read a lot

    the person underneath used to be in the army
  • false

    the person underneath has big feet
  • false, size 4, and my previous post was a xpost that actually worked out!!

    the person underneath is wearing shorts
  • false I'm wearing 3/4 trousers

    the person underneath must go and tidy the kitchen
  • False, we don't have a kitchen at work.

    The person underneath has never considered parachute jumping.
  • True, when I get home

    The person underneath would rather like to be on top.
  • Great x-post.
  • :-)

    false and true but only if you are tied down and blindfolded

    the person underneath does have a kitchen at work
  • Mr W "girl in a tight white top" She is here as well. Do we work in the same office?
  • False

    The person underneath would like to buy me a bottle of Moet
  • (and as we are both monogamous it would be tricky:-)
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