the person underneath...



  • am thoroughy confused now, but would like a glass of moet please
  • NT, wave and I'll look out for you :-)

    I would love to buy your a bottle of Moet. Just nip round to my desk in the next 10 minutes and I'll sort something out.

    The person underneath has a tattoo.
  • True (will be there in 5 )

    The person underneath is going to provide me with a champagne flute to drink MR W 's moet
  • Waving vigorously
  • false pint glass be ok?

    the person underneath has just eaten some stawberries
  • I can't see you, NT.


    The person underneath likes to dress in rubber.
  • false too hot and smelly I imagine

    the person underneath can scuba dive
  • false, not sure I fancy it either

    the person below reads the guardian
  • True, but I haven't done it for years.

    The person underneath rides a motorbike.
  • In that case the girl in the white tight top in this office is mine!

    False I read the Daily Torrygraph.

    The person below will do a 12 miler on Sunday morning
  • True I do ride a motorbike, a 1957 Matchless G80S
  • False - I'll be on Snowdon.

    The person underneath wishes it would cool down so they can go for a run...
  • Or maybe Tryfan, who knows...?
  • False, the only running I'm doing is down to the pub.

    The person underneath likes fish cakes.
  • True!

    The person underneath is wearing a hat with a smaller than usual brim. Strange.
  • true but only posh salmon ones, not the manky mashed potato ones with grey bits in

    the person below is going to the London social tonight
  • True

    The person underneath is going to buy me a beer this evening (ever hopeful!)
  • false, but then it is a bit of a trek just to buy you a beer mr w

    the person below is frightened of spiders
  • False, apart from the really massive ones.

    The person underneath has embarassed themselves at least once today.
  • I'm disappointed in your lack of committment to my alcoholic well-being, stoxy.


    The person underneath has a pair of red stilettos.
  • false

    the person below sufers from killer pmt
  • False. It's not the PMT that's the killer, it's me.

    The person below is pouring themselves a G&T as they type.
  • Talking of G&T, I might just do that....
  • false, dont like g and t's

    the person below likes Will Young
  • Bloody False

    The person underneath owns a copy of smokey & the bandit on vhs
  • false no smoky here, (do like Will tyopung and Gin though)

    the person below can see trees through their window
  • False! lol

    The person underneath REALLY likes Pink Floyd & plans to get the new 'Pulse' DVD.
  • x-post - there are trees outside my window, actually!
  • (Will tyopung the hot new act from Japan)
  • false quite like PF

    the person underneath is going to a 40th birthday party tomorrow
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