the person underneath...



  • false, going for a pint and eating take away instead

    The person underneath is going on holiday next week.
  • false I went a few weeks ago

    the person underneath has been on a helicopter
  • true

    the person underneath has been on a submarine [[edited so didn't read submariner]]
  • false :-)

    the person below is sweating in a very unladylike manner
  • True, but I'm a bloke.

    The person underneath has had a good day
  • False, however I would very much like to work up a sweat with an unladylike lady.

    The person below has at least one black toenail
  • false

    the person underneath thinks its to hot to sh*g
  • It is never to hot to shog
  • so weres the question

    The person underneath will not forget to type the question
  • true

    the person underneath will be reading a new book tonight
  • false

    The person underneath can read
  • Possibly

    The person underneath has a bald patch
  • False - but I have a weird blonde patch on the back of my head

    The person underneath has got home from work and removed all their clothes ;-)
  • True in parts, I'm home from work but fully dressed:-)

    The person beneath is going to the pub in 10 minutes to celebrate the start of the school hols
  • false

    more footballs over the fence.

    the person underneath likes life.
  • True
    The person underneath needs a haircut
  • false

    The person underneath has not brushed their teeth today
  • true
    The person below is naked at their pc right now
  • weeelll... not quite true...

    the person underneath has a window open
  • true

    the person underneath has had a beer this evening
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    False (not yet anywy)

    The person underneath has done karoke while sober
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    karoke = karaoke
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    the person below has checked my website out and left a guestbook message!
  • false - sorry

    The person below will be getting some or got some tonight
  • false BD is asleep

    the person underneath had toasted flaked almonds on their pudding tonight
  • False - no puddings in my house

    the person underneath has (albeit inadvertantly) upset someone tonight
  • False - only spoke to 2 people

    the person underneath should be doing work rather than posting here.
  • false

    The person underneath slept with their bed room windows open last night
  • false don't start until 9.45 today

    the person ungerneath uses shampoo and conditoner
  • False (not enough hair to make it worth while!)

    The person underneath is wearing shorts.
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