Fat Club - Tuesday 27th

Hi Guys! No weight loss but another PB (see the events forum!), this time at the hated 10K... Admittedly, I did indulge in some f n c afterwards, well, this is Yorkshire! (and quite a few fellow racers joined me in the post-run lardification...) but am feeling generally pretty good. I'd like to start losing weight again, but it's just not happening at the moment, but the running's going well!


  • Wow, you fleet of foot lamb you. Popped over to events to check it out. 51 mins!! You'll be clocking under 50 minutes soon at this rate...

    Cath, congrats on your extra 1lb loss. Not sure what to say as to whether your 13lb in 5 weeks is normal/healthy or not - it's weird isn't it. Getting worried when not losing any and then getting worried when losing too much!!

    Caketin - hope the run goes well
    Redhead - congrats on the loss and very sorry to hear about your knee. :(

    I went for an easy long run yesterday - 8 miles in 65 to 70 mins!! Haven't raced for ages but I'm looking forward to doing a 10k to see where I'm at - I think I may be back to as fast as I was before I had mini RM!!! V exciting.

    Weigh in was 9 stone again so no change.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Lamby, you're sooo fast and RM you sound pretty darned fast too. I did a 10k on Saturday in 60.03mins and was quite happy with that. My knee is having a rest now as I made it do 5k hill repeats on the treadmill as punishment for being such a wimp!

    Good luck to everyone weighing in today.
  • Thanks RM, RH! I think the speedwork session I'm doing once a week as part of the half-mara schedule is really starting to pay off... BUT, I'd almost rather lose the weight than break the PBs!! Still no sign of any loss, sob!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Yeah, know what you mean Lamby. The Dog Walker's daddy took a photo of me running with Blue Knees at Theale and I look like a giant blubber whale! Definitely no cheating for me this week....
  • Morning All. No weight loss to report, but no gain either, so well pleased. Remain just hovering under 12 stone. Had a tip top weekend in Glasgow at a christening which meant loads of cake and champagne! Went out running but have managed to pick up a sore knee, it was so sore I couldn't run on it at all on Monday. Not sure if its the new shoes, or what. I get a really sore pain on at the left of my left patella when running. Am resting again today, and then hopefully all will be well for a gentle jog tomorrow.

    Big well done on the speedy racing over the weekend.
  • RH, I got some photos back from holiday and oh - my - god, I should put them up on the fridge as a warning! One my other half took of me whil asleep on a ferry... from behond! It is NOT NICE to say the least!!!
  • Down to 14st 4lb and had the boost of running into someone who I had not seen since February and the first thing they said is “you’ve lost a canny bit o weight” marvellous :o)

    Hoping to get close to 14st before I start y winter weight training schedule, when I’ll probably put on a few pounds but hopefully reduce the overall body fat % (currently hovering around 19%)

  • Congrats WildWill!
  • Running Muppet -- Iknow it's crazy isn't it :) I spoke with a friend of mine who is a dietician and she agreed that indeed 13lbs in 5 weeks is alot but she also said if I look at the amount of exercise I've been doing (see below) in comparison to my calorie intake - I probably haven't been eating enough!! I could never get to grips with the "eat to lose" thing :)

    In essence I tend to do (daily) the following:-

    Doggie walks at 6am (2miles/30mins), 3pm (3.5 miles/45mins) and 9pm (1.5 miles/20 mins).

    Step machine at home (30mins)

    Gym work out - 20mins stepper, 30mins treadmill OR 30 mins cross trainer (depending whether it's a "rest" day from running or not), 1000m rowing (5 mins) and cycling 5Km (15 mins) as well as all over body weights circuit and ab trainer (in total takes around 2 hours).

    Plus all the day-to-day stuff at work (I work on the second floor and never take the lift!!) and at home!

    Although the last two weeks I've been on holiday so the gym visits and dog walking have been sporadic because a) my routine has gone out the window b) the gym is near work so I have to drive 20 miles or so to get there and c) I'm supposed to be on holiday.

    She --- I started with my new shoes with various aches and pains so it could be that but I'd keep an eye on it.

    Lamb --- I was laughing at your photo thing. When I was a kid and my Mum was dieting she had two photos of herself looking shall we say, not like herself. Anyway one was on the inside of the food cupboard door and the other was on the fridge - she never once was tempted, well, she might have been but then the photos put her off!! So it does work!

    Will --- Well done! I had a comment like that last week from the Mr. I bought some new Adidas lycra running leggings and when I put them on he said, "Oooh, you look smaller"... which I took to be a compliment :)
  • Hello everyone - congrats on all the weight loss so far!
    I've been off the forums for a while due to moving house but have come back today full of good intentions. I haven't dared to weigh myself after two weeks of eating complete lard, but today I have been for a run at lunchtime followed by 3 Ryvita topped with low fat cottage cheese. Not quite the post run treat I would normally settle for, but having seen my wobbly thights reflected in the shop windows as I thundered past this lunchtime I think its about time!
    By the way, the run was rubbish - felt absolutely knackered!
  • Hi, why the new tag? You are SO not a dumpling!!
  • where is everyone??!!
  • Working - yuck! How do Lamb? No trips to M&S today? I'm feeling v tired today, so haven't been keeping up with the thread, but couldn't not reply to your 'bleat'! Had a yummy egg sandwich and salad today ... but feeling a bit podgy after weekend excess. Ah well its another week.
  • Hmmm, not sure I am everyone but can I join this thread please?

    I am using training for my first half marathon (well first race actually) at the beginning of October as an excuse to lose some weight. Doing really well so far, but have hit a bit of a motivation block.

    I started at 81.5kg and have got down to 71.5kg since I started about 10 weeks ago. At the moment I am running about 20 miles a week and have reached the euphoric stage where I am actually enjoying my sessions and it doesn't feel like torture. But I still feel a long way from my 68kg and 13 miles target. Currently my longest runs are about 7.5 miles.

    It all feels like it is about to slip through my fingers though so I thought I'd share my progress and hopefully inspire some of you at the same time.

  • Hey nightsky, I am very impressed at your weight loss in 10 weeks - how did you do that?!

    Hi She, no M&S today though I had intended to get some nice fruit there, but never made it. Am doing v poorly on the weight loss front though fish n chips on sunday after the race didn't help!!
  • Hi Lamb, I've never really found it difficult to lose weight. It is keeping it off I find hard. Hence the running really. I hope that if I keep up the running the weight will regulate itself better. What do you think?
  • i'm v jealous!! I have always been sporty AND chubby! I run quite a bit and race most weekends but find losinhg weight a ral struggle. I am 82kg at the moment, haven't lost a sausage for 2 weeks, despite training consistently. Aiming for about 75kg...
  • Why do you want to lose weight? Have you put it on recently?

    I put mine on after starting this new job. My previous job was very sociable, but here I sit in front of terminal all day and food serves as a distraction.

    To be honest I long for a stable weight even if it isn't my thinest. It is the yo-yo-ing that is getting me down.
  • It should not always be about weight you should concentrate on your body fat percentage – I know quite a few people a lot lighter than me, but because I exercise regularly my body fat is sometimes more than 10% lower than theirs – remember muscle is heavy

  • I've always been big, I realise that some of this is muscle as I have quite toned lower thighs and calves from football and running, however, I need to lose a lot of lard (VRap's wobble test reveals all!) from hips, tummy, tops of thighs. I think about 11.5- 12 stone would be a lot more comfortable weight for my height (5'9"). I have tried to lose weight before, but never got below the magic 80kg mark
  • Will, you are right. I hadn't ever heard of body fat percentage until I'd read these talkboards. I will have to get mine measured, though I suspect that will be a tad high too! I have only got into running this year, but I really like it and so I hope I will stick at it and learn to think more healthily about my weight.
  • Will, where'd you get it done? do docs or gyms do it for free?
  • Also, do they measure it in just one place? You'd get very different readings of you id that on different parts of me!!
  • Good question and does it involve taking your clothes off!?
  • Nightsky

    The scales I use also measure body fat – quite useful I thought when my wife bought me them for Christmas one year :o)


  • Aha, the wonders of technology. Might have a surf over to Argos and see whether they have any.
  • How can scales measure body fat?

  • Ok, you can own your very own set of body fat scales for a mere £60. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain how they work in the catalogue.
  • The Lamb

    I got mine from Boots Tanita make them

  • Are either of you running today?
    I am having a rest day and heading to the pub. I'll try and stick to spritzers!
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