Cancelled (BTA sanctioned) Tri

I entered a BTA sanctioned Tri a few months ago, which was cancelled a few weeks before it was due to take place. Since then (six weeks ago), the organiser has failed to refund the entry fees of myself and several friends who entered the race. I've chased the organsier by email (didn't respond) and phone call (told me the cheques were going to be sent out that week - three weeks later and still nothing!).

Does the fact that it was an official BTA race, give me any kind of protection (ideally against financial loss) in the event that this clown keeps my money and disappears?


  • What tri did you enter?
  • Shall I "name and shame"? Wonder how many forumites have entered this one? Not too many, I suspect, as there would doubtless have been a thread like mine before now.
  • i would, just don't say anything you wouldn't be prepared to back up in court!! (known as 'the IMUK principle')
  • Just wondered so we know for the future
  • In that case, it's probably best you know that i'm talking about the Newquay Surf Triathlon here. One to avoid (if it ever takes place again...).
  • i don't think you'll have any joy re the entry fee though
  • I suspected as much, but bad organisers damage the image of the sport, and this guy's licence should be revoked pronto!
  • complain to them, definitely
  • Done. I've emailed our Regional Development Officer, and asked him to look into it, or point me at someone who will.
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