October/November Race

Im looking for road race in Tyne & Wear or Durham for a distance of anything upto 10 miles in October or November.Ive noticed the Derwentside 10 miler but unfortunatly Im unable to do it for one reason or another.There doesnt appear to many apart from this around then.Im a relative beginner(I average 8 to 8.5 min miles) just starting racing and didnt really want to wait until December.If anyone knows of any around this time please could you give me details.

Many Thanks



  • Ian,You would be very welcome to come and run the Richmond Castle 10K in North Yorkshire on 15th October. It's only an hours drive from Newcastle. Details and an entry form can be downloaded from www.swaledaleroadrunners.co.uk
  • In Tyne and Wear there is normally the memorial 10k on the Town moor in newcastle in november along with the gibside trail race in early november as well.

  • I can strongly recommend the Brampton to Carlisle on Saturday 18th November.
  • Ian

    I recommend visiting www.barrycornelius.com/running/races/next.htm

    This is an excellent site for races in the northeast-yorkshire area.
  • Many thanks for all the replies.Im sure I'll find something to keep me busy with now.

  • Derwentside is reckoned to be the toughest 10M in Britain :<{

    What about Gibside Fruitbowl 7M (5th Nov)
    Rowlands Gill. Very demanding trail race around the grounds as it says on the Tshirt "not flat"
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