Beginner Schedule Question

I have just started week 6 of the "Nought to 30 Minutes" beginners schedule. I must say, it seems a rather big jump to go from a total of 30 minutes in week 5 to then 39 minutes in week 6. Is this not a mistake? It seems to me it would be more sense if it was "run for 12 minutes, walk for 1 then repeat" so it was a total of 26 minutes, especially as the following week is only 31 minutes.

Can anyone offer any pointers to me on this? My legs really don't feel like they can cope with 39 minutes just yet but if I really need to then I guess I had best crack on!

Any help much appreciated.

All the best,



  • Hi Rob

    You can adapt the schedule to suit yourself, and make it more personal to you. There is no need to follow it to the letter.

    How about repeating a week or two until you feel your legs are ready to move onto the next stage? If you need to add in more walk bits, then that's ok too. Keep it flexible would be my advice.

  • Thank you!
  • I've just gone through it and I thought the same and nearly posted it too! When it came to that week though, I decided to go out, do the 2 X 12, see how it went and do another 12 if I felt up to it. To my surprise I did! Especially pleased as I found the week before really hard.

    There's a thread somewhere down the board titled 'Good News' if you want to read more of my story.
  • I've done the beginners schedule recently and replaced week 6 with 10 min run/1 min walk x 3 and then went straight to the 15min run/1 min walk/15 min run in week 7.

    I thought the same as you - 39 minutes seemed like a long time! Adapting the schedule worked for me though, and once I eventually passed the 30min barrier I felt proprerly ready to run for longer.
  • dont shorten it if you can ive just finished that week and you would have built endurance, 30mins seems so much easier.
  • So how are you doing?
  • Well I am pleased to say that I have managed to do it! I found it hard last week and slowly worked up to the 12-1-12-1-12-1 schedule so have repeated the week. Fingers crossed I will complete a full week of the schedule this week and move on.

    Thank you for the interest!
  • Found this thread because I was thinking the same thing, oh well looks like 3x 12 mins tomorrow image


  • I just wanted to give all of you some encouragement and say well done image  Getting going is the hardest thing, you've cracked it.  I started running in May last year, I was very overweight.  I've now done a marathon and my BMI is in the healthy range for my height, I know it seems that it's nearly impossible, but it's amazing what your body can do for you just take it steady, and you will get there. 

    It really does get easier with time image


  • Thanks booktrunk! I did 3x 12mins today... in the snow! image

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