Should I be worried

After my long run yesterday I went to have a pee and discovered that I was peeing blood. The blood was presnt only for a couple of pees and then everything back to normal. I have a slight suspision that this may have happened a little while ago as well but at the time couldn't really decide if there was any blood present. I had no pain or discomfort so put it down to over exertion. Any thoughts?


  • are you a boy or a girl?
    did the pee hurt?

    i would get this checked out by the doc
    can just be as a result of the run
    but i wouldnt leave it
  • two incidents I can speak of:

    - drank ribena and then went on a run. On returning my pee was red, and caused me a lot of worry. The next time I went to the loo it was clear.

    - once went for a dump after a run and was passing blood. It only happened the once and I put it down to the fact that I had upped my dose of Glucoseamine (one of the side affects can be disorders of the digestive system).

    If its a one off then dont worry, but if it happens again today or the next time you go out I'd suggest you see a doc. Bladder infections/cystitis can cause passing of blood but I think that this is more common on women than men (Hippo can confirm).
  • PH I'm a boy and no the pee didn't hurt. Forgot to mention that I did have a kidney stone a few years ago which I put down to prolonged dehydration after excersise.
    Dave definately not Ribena unfortunately
  • Cheers guys I know your right and should get it checked but don't like going to Drs very much
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