just to let everyone know that the NIKE Vapour fly Racing shoe is now out on sale and is priced @ £45.00 (or cheaper) They are a great shoe and weigh 180g there are very comfortable and have worn them in my first race yesterday. They feel very comfortable with a extremely good tread> Like the may fly they have upto 400k instead of the 100k. Well done Nike

martin Keegan. alias Medic one


  • Fantastic shoe. I weigh 12st10lb and the cushioning is excellent. A really quick shoe at a very fair price.
  • I've had mine exactly 1 month, I'm 13st and find them more cushioned than my Ekiden/Spectrum +, nice grip as well.

    I did do the first 4 miles of Sale 10 in them and they felt good but I didn't, so pulled up, haven't raced since (illness not injury).

    Second run in them was a 14 miler and experienced no problems, would consider a marathon in them, giving them a whirl at Trafford 10k this Sunday.
  • Yep I picked up a pair too. They are different to the Mayfly (more cushioned and protects the foot better all around). I'm yet to use them in a race, but due to more life in them, I have used them on a few training runs already.
  • Great light weight race shoe for the neutral runner, if your light you could get away with a marathon in them and only £19.99 at  
  • May be a stupid question, BUT....what is the sizing like?

    I always run in Adidas but maybe fancy a pair of these

    I have some Nike Free's which I just use for general walking around in, does anyone know if the sizing in the same?

  • I've got NIke Free 5.0's and they're a 9.5 my Vapors are 10's but I'd think I'd've been better with a 9.5.

    Last year I ran my marathon pb in my Vapors with no problems although I was a a trim 12 stone then.

  • Nike shoe sizes are a good fit.

    The Nike Free size will be give you the same fit, Just like Marshallini he saying he wished he brought the 9.5 in a Vapor  

  • Cheers guys.....I feel an order with dorunning about to happen!
  • I'm now desparate for a replacement pair of these in UK9! Can anyone help?
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