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I'm new to the site and fairly new to running as well. I came across this site when I was looking for reviews on the new Nike+ iPod gadget.

Anyway, I'm looking for a bunch of guys to take on in one of the challenges you can set-up on the Nike+ web site.

I am quite an unfit lazy runner at the moment and can only manage about 2 and a half miles a day at a lowly pace of about 12 minutes per mile. Hopefully a bit of competition can help me improve, obviously anyone with similar fitness and a Nike+ tracker will be ideal. Everyone is welcome though!

If you know of any other Nike+ competitions going on, or if you know of a site where I can get involved in someone else's challenge, then please let me know.



  • j0n3syj0n3sy ✭✭✭
    sounds like a bit of fun as long as its low-key and casual. dont want anything to widely committed or challenging. lets keep it fun eh?

    what did you have in mind?
  • Hey j0n3sy,

    Thanks for your response, I'm up for anything really depending on how much interest we get. I'll start off my recommending a distance goal of say 50 miles to start off with. What do you think to that? That way everyone can just do their own thing and it's not down to how fast you can run.

    Do you know of anyone else who'd be interested too? The more the better really, I'm looking to start it for Monday 31st.
  • Hiya

    Count me in if you'll have me, I'm not going to do well with anything too competitive, am only a slow plodder, have only been running for 2.5 months and am running about 3.5m/5.6km 2-3 times a week, I average about 6:45/7:00 km. so not pretty similar to you Ste.

    If you want to email for a challenge my email address is my forum name followed by

    I bet the threat of being beaten by a female will get your butt out there running hehehehe :oP
  • We can plod together, I don't mind if I loose to you, I'll just be in self-denial ;0p

    If either of you have any mates with a Nike+ kit then get them in on this too :)

    I'll send the email invites around on Sunday night when I set the challenge up. Can you drop me an email j0n3sy with your address in, if your still interested so I can send out your invite.
  • Hi Stephen, count me in to, I have just purchased the Ipod Sports kit and think it's great so far. It's been a big incentive and a virtual challenge sounds like fun! What do we have to do?
  • Hey Zaclobsterboy,

    Just drop me an email, will your email address in it and I'll send you an invite.
  • hi just ordered my nike + and awaiting delivery - i'm in - also a plodder but hoping to speed up - sounds like the motivation i need.

  • Count me in! I'm new here too, and I've just started the beginners schedule so it'll take me a while to get to 50.
  • Sounds fun. I hope to get a Nike+ soon, would be happy to have a go.

    Great photo jammie !
  • Ditto. My main running buddy has been busy having kids for a couple of years now, and I need some motivation to get in shape... just got the nike+ widget, gonna start plodding away and get some miles done.
  • Ok guys... I've just sent the following email around to everyone who's said they are interested:


    You've said you was interested in the Nike+ Challenge I said I was setting up on runnersworld. Can you please send me your email address so I can invite you.

    If you've already sent it to me please ignore this message. It's just that I've had people send me an address but not included their forum user name so I'm not sure who's confirmed.

    Ste Riley

    Can anyone else who's up for this send an email to me and state their forum username also so I know who is who.
  • Hmmmm do you need an ipod thingy to join in here?
  • hi, I havent posted before but have been reading the forums for a while.

    I would be keen to join in with this challenge, I am a rather irregular beginner, who keeps starting and stopping running, I havent managed to catch the bug yet to keep me motivated! So this would help!

    I have just signed up for the run london and have promised myself I will do this in under an hour. At the moment, I can only do 4.45k without stopping at that takes me 40 mins, so 50 miles will be a real challenge for me!
  • Hi Stephen

    Can you count me in too please?

    My email addy is [email protected]

    Just out of interest have you calibrated your nike+ yet? I've used mine twice now. ON my first run it seemed pretty accurate uncalibrated but the other morning it overestimated my mileage from 3.5 to 4.25miles. Made my times look great tho! Perhaps I won't bother calibrating after all......
  • OK, so got my invite, but can't figure out how to join the challenge on the Nike+ website??? As a last resort I am guessing I might only be able to sign up on the start day and not before so that might be why I can't do it! any ideas?

    Mrs Meldrew - Had to calibrate my Nike+ twice, it was quite a bit out when uncalibrated. I calibrated it over 0.5 mile and it was still out so did a 1 mile calibration and its about 30 meteres out when compared with Gmaps so good enough for me! In my opinion its probably better to calibrate over a longer distance though
  • Hiya AwayWiTheFairies,

    I have sent out the invites but I didnt get one myself as I automatically join. What does the email look like?
  • Stephen

    Is it a requirement then to have an Ipod jobby to join in the challenge?
  • Hi

    Invitation has the Nike+ branding on it, subject is 'Nike+ you've been challenged' then its got your message and the start date and a button to click on to get started.

    Although I'm still having trouble joining the challenge, there isn't anywhere on the site to actually join and I can't view the challenge even after following the link from the email. I did think I might only be able to join today as it starts today. Anyone else managed to join it, got any ideas, or am I just being thick and missing the obvious?
  • Hi RB06,

    I guess you can run the 50 miles and report your progress in this thread. However the point of the thread was tracking the progress with a Nike+ jobby on the Nike+ website. You might want to pick one up though, they are only £20 if you already have a Nano.

    Hi AwayWiTheFairies,

    Have you tried going to My Runs > Challenges (click on the tab on the right), you might have an option in that window then to join in.

    Mrs Meldrew is the only one to accept so far so maybe she can tell us what she did?
  • Hmm... It won't let me accept it either. I've looked at the source of the email, and there is no signup URL - the only URLs point at the nikeplus home.

    The Challenges tab only lets me set up a challenge - I can't see a way of accepting one.
  • Hi D.T.,Awaywiththefairies and Ste, I'm having the same problem, received the email ok but that's about it, the Nike site seems half finished to me, lots of links not working etc. Thought that on receipt of the email it would have created a new link for the challenge, but alas not. Maybe the administrators of the site can shed some light? Will try and email but dont hold your breath!
    This gadget is great but I get the feeling that the website and certain accessories(eg. Armband with Ipod receiver slot) are some way behind in development!
  • Right I have sent Nike Plus Customer services an email, wait to see if I get any response!
    It's frustrating, come on Mrs Meldrew what did you do to accept?
  • Mrs Meldrew

    Please, please tell us how.

    You can't win if you are the only one.
  • Mrs Meldrew - don't keep us in suspense! LOL

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem, was beginning to think it was me and that I was missing something glaringly obvious on the Nike+ site.

    I'm the same as the others, can only set up a challenge but don't appear to be able to join one <humph>
  • Damn. That was my only hope of victory!

    I'm not in the least bit techie so it must have been really straightforward. I hadn't seen the email invitation and was uploading last night's run onto the Nike+ website. There was an on screen message telling me I had been challenged with the option to view challenge. When I viewed it I had the option to accept or decline. That was it. I never tried to accept via the email so maybe you need to upload a run (any old distance) and see what happens?

    Hope this helps.
  • Great, thanks for that Mrs M.
    I'm due out for a plod tomorrow night so will see what happens when I upload!

  • I have just uploaded a run tonight but still nothing.
    Make sure you have given your nike+ user name not your runners world name.

    Stephen, would you please send me a challenge again. My nike+ name is Dale44.

  • ahh ha, thats the key me thinks, use your Nike plus username...Ste resend my invite please, my Nike name is Zaclobstaboy. Try that it might work!
  • Hi Peeps,

    I only have the option of inviting you by email address, no option for the username.

    Are you all sending me the same email address that you use to log into the Nike+ site?

    Can you email your addresses through to me again with your username and I'll send a new invite.

  • On another note, Mrs Meldrew its showing you've accepted but if you've uploaded run data its not displaying at the moment since it just says NO RUN DATA for you!

    You should be able to see on your side that I've done about 2 mile?
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