west sussex fun run league

Hi! Does anyone out there know anything about the West Sussex Fun Run League? I've just discovered there's a 5m race next Sunday a stone's throw from me in Fittleworth that's part of this league. I also ran the Arundel 10K yesterday surrounded by teams from local towns. Would love to find out more...


  • Edmond - The league isn’t intended to be too serious, the idea is to get as many club members racing as possible, and the range of performance standards is very wide, although to be honest, the very best runners are more likely to be concentrating on Sussex Grand Prix events or similar. Fields are usually 150-250. There are 17 local clubs in the league, each stages one race a year – the races are between 5 and 12k, mostly off-road, and usually best described as undulating. There is a scoring system for clubs based on the number of entrants and the performance of their best 6 runners, but there is no league table for individual runners. Entry for all events is £1 for members of clubs affiliated to the WSFRL.

    Don’t worry if you aren’t in one of the clubs, non-affiliated people are made very welcome, and at some races make up much of the field, but it is likely to be £3-4 entry. For more information than you could possibly need on the league, try our (slightly biased) club website, www.bhrunners.here-on-the.net. After Fittleworth, the next race is at Henfield on 14th Sept.
  • Dougie: fantastic, thanks! I'm going to give Fittleworth a whirl, hoping that my 7 min/mile pace leaves me anonymously in the middle of the field. As much as anything I'm looking for that extra 'push' from running with others rather than alone when the 'gremlins' can attack more easily. I look forward to rootling around your website. Ta!
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