Garmin 301 forerunner

I purchased my Garmin 301 forerunner about 18 months ago and have had no problem with it until now.
The unit won't recharge anymore with either the wall charger or the PC cable.
A fellow club runner had a similar problem with his unit whilst still under warrenty and Garmin replaced the unit free of charge.
Is this a common problem with the '301'


  • I think it may be, fellow club runner also has had same problem.
  • Just had a thought, did you always let it run down or did you keep topping it up?

    They seem to work the same way as mobile battieries with memory effect etc.
  • Keith mac
    I usually let the unit run down and fully recharge it,
  • With modern lion batteries isn't it actually the case that they prefer to be kept charged and don't like being completely discharged?
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