ROTH 2007

Well having just crashed out of TLD in the swim I thought I had better start panning a little earlier for next year. Epecially fixing the problem I had in Chasewater - that starts on Sunday

I know the pirates are looking at either IM Austria or Florida but I have an allergy to the corporate stuff and I believe Roth will satisfy this whilst still giving me the whistles and bells associated with IMdot events

I think it fills quite quickly but was still open yersterday so hopefully I can get the cash together in time

So any more for amy more?


  • I am told so too... by Maddy, and I take her word for it!

    Roth here we come...

    Now I better go out and buy a swimsuit, as I have not swam/swum? for so many years I don't have one! Thank God I have almost a year to get back into swimming :-)

    But I do have running shoes, and a brandnew second hand flash Giant TCR roadracer :-) It needs to be used :-)
  • Ah LFW has done it and says its good and is currently on TLD thread so maybe might appear at some point
  • I saw his post on TLD thread, sounded super! I am getting all excited now, especially as I was gutted about not being able to do TLD because of that stupid taxi and then the course stopped me from doing just the bike leg as well...
  • Madeleine,
    Thought I would just put a quick message on this more appropriate thread.
    I did Roth this year and quite frankly it was absolutely superb. In every possible aspect the race was top notch. Organised as only Germans know how to organise thing. The support along the route is simply amazing - no exageration at all - on one hill during the bike leg the crowds were 5+ deep and screaming support in your ear with little more than a bikes width to ride through. This actually was quite daunting as it was at this time that a certain Faris Al Sutan was lapping me.
    The course is very fast - The World record for the distance is held on this course by Luc Van Lierde.
    Whilst I personally have no great aversion to the more corporate Ironman races, I doubt the Roth event can be bettered and yet it is approx £80 cheaper to enter.
    As stated on another thread, I generally dont like returning to races, but this one is different - I will definately be going back - sooner rather than latter I hope.
    100% recommend this race. Entries are already coming in, but last year some of my club mates entered early in December and were some of the last to be accepted. They DONT have a waiting list.
  • Whats ROTH, is it IM distance, where is it in Germany. I'd love to do an IM but the price puts me off, but i don't fancy doing that far in teh UK (i get cold very easily even when running/biking)
    Is there a web site?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Roth website

    This does not constitute any indication on my part that I am considering doing it.
  • Hi after sunday there probably won't be a non IMdot full distance race intehUK unless someone takes over TLD which by the way is smal but excellently organised

    Roth is full IM distance it is about 130 km north of munich
  • Yes but you looked didn't you Nessie must demonstate a small spark of some interest
  • Maddy, had another look at the site but cannot find the cutoff times?
  • Hanneke
    There is somewhere mention of a cut off of 15 hours, but that seems to be a very loose condition as many athletes came in after that time. The ladies and pros go off 40 mins before everyone else - everyone else go off in batches of 400 at a time.
    The ones coming in late had a flippin superb support.
  • It's a wave start so the cutoff will depend on your start time. The first wave (I think this includes all the girls) is at 6:20am, the last wave is at 7:20am and the cutoff is 10:30pm.
  • Under race informatio theereis a bit called competition schedule its in German but it looks like it might contain cut offs or expected last competitor times
  • Umm you are joking, right Haile ;-)
  • I've done Roth twice, so has LJS and it's not for nothing that it is known as the 'best old race'. It is located very near to Nuernberg, on the Danube river, the swim wave starts are superb, the spectators are second to none and it is perfectly organized, as might be expected from a race that's been held for more than 20 years over the same course. There are also shorter events held and an IM relay too.

    Having just been to Frankfurt I can honestly hold my hand over my heart and say the crowd support in Roth is far better. And it's cheaper! (by virtue of having surrendered official IM status - when the franchise contract ran out, the Roth organizers refused to pay a vastly increased fee to continue to carry the IM status. Good for them).
  • So the cutoff is 15 hours or something? I tried to work it out from those times... earliest start 6.20, last finish 22.30... minus one hour for the difference in start time makes 15 hours?
  • But would like to know how long one can take for swim, bike and run individually...
  • the swim cutoff is 2hrs 20 but not enforced. My first attempt took 2hrs 35 and they didn't pull me out of the race.

    Last time I did 1hr 52mns.
  • I'm having to translate from German but I think the last swimmer has to be out of the water by 9:35. If you start at 6:20 that gives you 3:15 to do the swim. Even I'm not that slow!

    The last people to start the swim are the relay teams so even if you're in the last solo wave you'll have loads of time.

    I couldn't find official mid-race cutoffs but they show a list of worst times at each point which suggests 17:15 for the end of the bike (about 13 hours for the swim and bike).
  • Oh, that should be fine then. I am afraid of the swim, as I have not swam for years... but I reckon I can do the bike in 6/7 hours if not too hilly and the mara in 4.30 max on a run/walk strategy.

    I was serious about that swimsuit... don't have one... so anyone has any recommendations as to waht is good? Or is cheap and cheerful ok? I find the thought of the wetsuits very intimidating too... and I wear glasses... see, I am going to have too much time to think about this...
  • Looks OK

    And Hanneke you have a whole 11 months to prepare
  • Han Iuse disposable contacts sometimes and always in races - when I remember to take then. But you could use prescription goggles - in OW you need to see where youare going in order to be able to navigate
  • It is up and down the canal, should not be too difficult. My eyes are tricky but I have been told that at last there are contacts available that may suit me... may invest in them, goggles over, also on the bike... they would be good for eventing and polo too, with goggles over...
  • Hanneke - my prescription is minus eight in one eye and minus nine in t'other for contacts. Add one to get my glasses prescription.

    My optician told me they have a patient who is minus 13 and still gets contacts.

    I wore contacts for swim and bike in an IM and then glasses for the run. A friend of mine swam blind (followed feet and hoped she didn't stray too far off course) and then put her specs on in T1.

    The optician will tell you not to swim in contacts, but that is only to stop you from suing should you get an infection. Chances of getting one are unlikely, unless you damage your eye. Just get some good leakproof goggles and you should be fine. I've had no trouble in the two years I've been swimming.
  • Thanks for that Ally, I am almost blind... there was a moment in time where I had to hold my breath in the hope that I would not topple in the partially sighted category and not be allowed to drive a car anymore...

    This why I cannot get prescription goggles for riding, alas. Not sure about the swimming ones... but the riding/polo ones stop at -/+ 5... sigh!
  • If you were totally blind you could get a guide for the race (well you can in M-dot races). There was a blind guy called Markus at IMDE this year and he got big cheers all round. And he got to ride a tandem!

    Contacts will probbaly be better than prescription goggles cos then you can see out into T1 and if they start leaking you only have to splash out £15 for new ones (I wear Aquasphere seal mask thingies).
  • I reckon contacts will be the way forward.

    Maddy, the Alemere (Ducth) one is only 130 euro's while Roth is twice as expensive... and Almere is very flat... same swim distance off course...
  • Almere, Dutch I meant... phew...
  • I fancy this event for my 1st IM

    Can run marathon distance, so not too worried about the running, but would like a good time.

    I don't have a bike (well, I have but it's an off-road bike). I've never biked over 40 miles and that was 10 years ago.

    I've only ever swam a mile but that was 25 years ago and it took me the best part of an hour...

    I need a bike, a wet suit, and lots of training... anything else?

    I've two additional problems. I go for a minor heart opp in a few weeks (cathater ablation... same one as Blair had) I don't see this as a problem as I'm still running 35-40 miles per week. Would I have to declare this to the organisers? Would it stop my application?

    Secondly, swimming..I had a shoulder replacement opp two years ago and am not very good at freestyle or crawl... my breast stroke is very strong. I've watched Tri's on TV and have only ever seen people doing the crawl would breaststroke be problematic?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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