knees are funny things

I've had knee problems for the last year or so. Generally doing too much, especially off road and fell running.

(44 years, average athletic abilities, 86kg, 6')

My left knee was strained and sore from Jan to June this year, not so bad that I could never run on it, but always a nagging ache on the upper/outer quarter. I put this down to quadriceps tendonitis.

...applied ibuprofen gel, baby oil massages, taking all the joint supplements, regular stretching exercise etc etc.

Ran the Manx Mountain marathon Ultra on it. Was sore but still came in 40th out of 80 in a time of 6hrs 50.

As my left knee was getting better, my right knee started to go the same way. Again I think its overuse (running 6 days a week with the average session lasting 90mins)...I get bored lying in bed when the weather is great.

Again I diagnosed it as Quad tendonitis. Its been bad for the past two weeks.

Tried running and then having a days rest in between for the past week. Seems to be working.

Went out this morning with a few twinges, and the run actually seems to have made things better altogether. I now feel like a spring chicken.

Dont know if there is a moral to this story, but for others in the same condition, dont lose heart....

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