IM Switzerland 2007



  • In the DVD so many people are walking up one of the hills, are they really that bad?????
  • Lucky you Lars, some sun in La Santa
  • I didn't walk and just dragged myself up. The reason is, that at the steep bit you see them walking on I didn't manage to unclip and had to get on with it, 50 metres later it isn't that steep anymore.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with a triple or compact chainset, if you are not riding a time trial/triathlon bike.
  • Now you have me worried!! I am really looking forward to June, Did I tell you IMCH is also the same day as birthday number 35? maybe IMCH will be the first bike ride outdoors for me :-)

    Enjoy La Santa Lars, hope you have recovered from your lurgy
  • Will be a triple celebration for you BB
  • What time did you do Lars? And what are you hoping for this time.....I know its all relative, just asking for curiosity.
  • F4l - it was a swift 13:29:04.3 and I hope to go faster than that. Hopefully 12:29:59.9, but would be happy with any PB.

    Last year I split it down into 1:16, 6:59 and 4:59 + transition, this year I hope to get 1:10, 6:29 and 4:29. But he way I am runiing at teh moment I probably have to swim about 25 minutes.

    What woukld make me even more happy is beating BB, or better old Bob then. And some other people from, my club.
    But anything that isn't a DNF is a good result!
  • ps: spelling is getting worse ;-(
  • Well, I will be happy just finishing in one piece. It will be a long day however I break it down.
  • Fantastic Lars.......are the results anywhere to look at on the website, I cant find them (being dof me) but just wanted to see where the average finishing time for females is.......


    Whats the competition between you and BB is that BigBob or Bouncing Barlist?? all about??
  • Think its a compeition with BigBob, nothing to do with me :o)

    Ive done Switzerland in 05 so if anyone has any questions etc..
  • In fact my forum piccie is me moments before crossing the line.
  • Lars has been my nemesis for many years now, always telling me that his mother could run faster etc. Now I no longer train with him, I think he is worried that I will take his IM pb away (not that I will) in Zurich just like I did for the marathon, 20 miles, 1/2 marathon, 10 miles, 1/2 IM, Olympic and sprint Tri :-))
  • Thanks for that link, so seems the longest is about 16hours, not many females in my category last year, more this year...

    So what would be the one or few things that youd like to share about Switz BB?? to help us get through. (Im a complete novice, did two sprints last year)
  • The longest is 16 hours as that is teh cut-off!!!
  • oh b*gger thought it was 17hrs
  • You'll beat the cut-off no probs! (easier said than done I guess)

    Have you got a finishing time in mind? Or just to survive...
  • Just to survive for me I guess! I expect something to go wrong, either have a bad swim, get a puncture, cramp up on the run!!
  • You might be lucky and get a combination of all three!!!

    Yeah I initially thought of trying to go under 13 hours, which I now realise is a wee ambitious for the first time, so I have upped it to around 14hours. Iwon't be bothered if I don't achieve it but I think it is sensible to have something in mind just to push you forward
  • Always think positive?

    Thats what I was told by an ironman trainer during the training ride of the ironman bike course in zurich.

    If you put hurdles up you'll only fall over them?

    Its a long day yes anything can happen but it probably won't happen to you and if it does you'll improvise that's what ironmen do!
  • Fitn

    To a degree IMCH is no different to any other Ironman, just a long fay at the office.

    The support is tremendous with thousands lining the street, the crowds and noise as you go up Heartbrake Hill are simply awsome.

    Im sure its already been posted here but the bike boils down to 3 main hills, The Beast, Egg and Heartbrake Hill, other than a few undualtions between The Egg and getting back to the lake level the bike course is pan flat, as is the run.

    Zurich in summer is usually hot and was in the early 30's when we raced in 2005, its also prone to thunderstorms and we had one hell of a downpour during bike racking but on race day it was cooking.

    If youve not already done so have a look at some of the race reports at..
  • Thanks BB, Im so nervous, but really looking forward to it. Will be my first, so have no idea what any IM is like, but about to find out. Wayhey...

    Did my first 3800 swim on friday, arms were knackered on Sat and just couldnt stop swimming when I went to sleep on Friday night, but at least can tick that off the list now.

    I really really just want to finish, anything under 16hours will be a huge bonus.
  • BigBob, dont think like that!!!!!!!!! Positive Karma please.
  • Bigbob, all 3 could and may go wrong, one of the important things you need to prepare for in Ironman (and overcome) is things going wrong.

    If you expect them to youll be prepared, if you dont youll panic unnecessarily.
  • Bad swim (youll get there in the end just take a breather - no big deal)

    Puncture (practise, takes 5 mins to change, 10 at worst)

    Cramp (hopefully you wont get it and if you do it will probably be well into the run, just have a rub or even assistance off a medic and carry on)
  • I got my first puncture the other day, I was very close to home which was good so I went back to change it.

    Me and my house mate were in fits whilst I took about half an hour to change it, maybe this should be part of my training plan, 3 reps of puncture repair each week!!!
  • Sounds like a good plan Harry...ugh makes your hands dirty
  • Get some latex gloves, they're amazing!!
  • oh no not another thing to carry on my bike
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