IM Switzerland 2007



  • Cool ! Dont remember seeing the 2005 race on TV. But I was probably asleep.
  • Did 16 hilly miles today, feel absolutely knackered, remind me why Im doing this again.
  • they reshowed monaco HIM again. not IMCH. channel five always do that - never show what they say they will.
  • glad i didnt get up then
  • Has anyone seen this years event on tv and got a copy of it?
  • Anybody have any idea when we need to start thinking about booking accom and airtickets??

  • Last year I booked both in the new year and was fine.
  • you should be able to buy the dvd online... it's crap though. i think i've got a copy from when we did it, as i'm on it. you can borrow if you like.
  • Candy its it good to know before hand what youve let yourself in for?
  • The DVD is very "arty". Don't like it at all, wouldn't make chanel 5, I think.

    F4L - If you live near London you might be able to borrow mine.
  • Thanks Lars, unfortunately Im in the Midlands, but someone has one that I can look through, Im in a que.
  • ooooooooooh my glutes are shouting at me today, just started the base training now...ouch
  • Did my 1st bike ride since last year's race. 100k in about 3:50, but flat. Wouldn't look forward to do it again righ now, espeacially with 9 hills thrown in.
  • How many we go signed up for this from here now?

    I've decided to another IM next year and as this is the only one in europe open, or in fact the world it seems, looks I'll be doing this one!
  • "How many we go signed up for this from here now?"

  • thanks meldy!
  • Count me in too guys, booked my flights today! Someone mentioned something about a decent hostel they stayed in, do you know what the place was called?

    This is the baby. Great hostel, and 10 -15 mins walk to the start finish ?
  • Wicked thanks for that
  • Hi all, entered this one too for next year. Looking at flights is it just Swiss air & BA to choose from?
    Anyone know what Swiss are like in terms of bikes on the flights?
  • Dont know foggo, I plan to book tomorrow. Where are you flying from? Think they charge £30 for the bike (Swiss)IF not registered beforehand
  • Who did you book with Harry?
  • Flights I went with BA, to take a bike with swiss you had to pay something like £30 I can't really remember. The flights with BA were £133 for me and my girlfriend and the equivalent with Swiss was £230. I had got an email suggesting I could get 25% off flights but that is only if you go in a better class of seat.

    I'm arriving the Wednesday before and going home the following tuesday in the evening.
  • just done mine now, cheapest for me was in fact Swiss air on line, but what a mission to get through to their call centre to register bike. All done now. Now if only I could say that about my training..........
  • Fitn - Booked mine through Swiss air too, did the bike cost you? They told me I would need to call nearer time to get confirmation of bike.
  • Hotel Booked!! Looking into flights... Will probably go with American Airlines as I am flying from New York..... It will not be cheap :-(
  • Oh yeah the reason I didn't go swiss was because they wouldn't accept my card, and said that if I wanted someone else to pay (ie Dad!!!) they would have to send in photocopies of passport and credit card. Boo
  • Interesting Foggo, I was told to register my bike within 24hours of booking to ensure there was space for it.......which I did today and told all okay.

    They also said bike would not cost extra if its within my 20Kg weight allowance, otherwise would be 30 Euros
  • Are you living in New York BigBob?
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