IM Switzerland 2007



  • BB is new New Yorker, originally Yorker ;-)
  • Lucky him living in NY.

    Fell of my bike today, twice..........fortunately no damage other than bruised hand and damaged ego, what a pl*nker, in the traffic as well. So much to learn still........

    Do you know if we can buy extra tickets for the party via the website, are they available?
  • You can buy them when you sign up for the race. This year they didn't sell any in Zurich as they were sold out for pasta party and awards brunch.
  • Thats not great for the support team if they cant get into the parties with you. Scoured through the website and it doesnt seem as if you can purchase them on line at this stage. Ive also recently joined a tri club and need to put those details in as well as insurance etc when I finally buy it.

    How is your training going Lars? Are you an old hat at this? What were youre highs and lows from last year?
  • Regarding insurance I've read a few things about the requirement of insurance, is that just like hoiliday insurance or medical insurance?
  • Lars, do tell us about your secret training?

    Having a week off training myself, maybe I'll get some runs in this weekend.
  • F4l - You were able to buy tickets with your entry. Maybe if you email them they can put your club in and reserve you some and you wire them the money.

    HJ - I just had holiday insurance last year and they didn't complain. But then, I didn't crash. Make sure your insurance includes sports.

    MAybe check on tri-talk with a guy called ToyotaCrown as he really crashed.
    (he cycled 179k and ran a marathon with a broken elbow.

    BB - no secret training, just lots of quality resting going on.
  • BTW, new picture is myself near the top of heart break hill.

    As you can see I am standing and attacking the hill, so clearly it is lap 1.
    And as the picture is small you will probably not see that I am riding a triple and attacking with a 32 at the front and 26 at the back. (I did not buy the grinding pictures of lap 2 or 3).
  • This heart break hill, how long and steep is it? Emotionally how does it make one feel?
  • it's short but fairly steep. nothing to worry about
  • But I have the legs of a 12 year old boy...
  • What did ou do with the rest? Bury it?

    Anyway, HBH is the easiest one. Lets say it is 500 metres long, you have a steep 80 metres to start, but then you get a nice breather. Then you have 200 metres less steep, and then a breather. And then the rest, which has 1 steep bit just before the end.

    I was so scared the 1st lap that I did the right turn and shifted both mechs right down, so my chain did fall of. I then managed even the steep bit from a standing start. Wasn't worried about the other laps.

    Just think about the feeding station on top and the nice decents.
  • Thanks I managed to purchase extra tickets from the organizers and to include my clubs name in the entry. Now just need to sort out insurance as well and BTA insurance......when does this open for next year? Arent we meant to join some international tri ins. as well?
  • Ive heard that heartbreak hill is the easier of the two???????????
  • Anyone done Austria aswell as Switz? How do the hills & bike course compare?
  • Heartbreak is easier than the Beast. Its a lot shorter, but steeper.

    Theres also the Egg climb, but thats a lot more gradual.
  • shifted both mechs right down

    What does that mean?
  • Gears maybe... i dunno i'm new to this biking lark.
  • thats what im thinking harry, but its new to me too........ didnt know your chain could fall off that easily.........OMG HELP
  • Don't worry think I feel the same as you. I mean running only requires a pair of shoes and swimming a pair of googles. It seems with the bike things seem to be a lot more alien... we'll get though
  • "shifted both mechs right down?"

    Lars is German, so sometimes his English is hard to understand :-)

    If the front de-railer is set correctly, the chain will not fall off that easily.

  • Dont worry - by the time IMCH comes around - you'll have done lots of miles and be used to gears !
  • PST whats a de-railer
  • any ideas about what turbo to purchase, does sitting/working out on a bike at gym have any effect on your training at all, or is it a waste of time and sweat??
  • turbo will be much better use of your time. candy would put it more entertainingly but gym bikes don't have too much going for them really.

    as for which turbo - they're all much of a muchness. perhaps an imagic would be cool if you've got a computer and a spare 300 quid.

    fluid ones are the quietest if noise is a consideration. one with a powermeter may be a good idea if you want to do your sessions according to power rather than just HR.
  • I bought one today, gunna try it out later
  • what did you buy harry
  • I bought a tacx swing, here's a link

    Sorry don't know how to make this a hyperlink.

    I tried it tonight and it was a little noisy, but then I get then impression they all are. It cost me £140. Once I've had a few more rides on it i'll you know what I think.
  • I have a Kurt Kinetic from which can be upgraded for about £ 25 to measure power. Not as reliable as a TACX flow or Imagic, but much better value for money.

    By an extra bit of carpet to reduce the noise and some plastic sheet to protect teh area around your bike (if you are biking in teh lounge).
  • Right well I'm in!

    Entry form filled in and credit card deducted!

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