IM Switzerland 2007



  • Yeah you get a bit of a sweat on, I will defo be getting some plastic sheets!!

    Cal.Fe welcome aboard
  • thanks for the advice on turbos, if Im correct in summarizing TACX are the most reliable and the iMagic would be the one to go for if money not an issue?? A Flow would be a good option as well?
  • I have a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer which is very quiet and smooth. I use a yoga mat under the bike which is great as it soaks up all the sweat!!
  • Fitn40 what's BTA insurance? I noticed you mentioned something about it earlier in the thread
  • when you join the BTA (around 60 notes I think) you get insurance for events and when your out training for when you fall off when its icy!!!
  • Harry its the British Triathlon Assoc. (I think thats what it stands for) enter any races or events locally you need to be a member, Ive always only taken out membership for the day of the events Ive done (a whole two sprints)........apparantly for Ironman you are supposed to be a member of BTA and take out an international insurance to cover you for the same thing, but I still have to check that one out.....not sure at all. Need to check out the BTA website, but Ive also been told not worth joining now, to do so at start of next years sesson. Cal.Fe do you have any knowledge of this?
  • British Triathlon is the national governing body for the sport of Triathlon in Great Britain. British Triathlon sanctions over 400 events every year, has over 300 affiliated clubs and over 8500 members. You can join British Triathlon today online or via phone, fax or post. The benefits of British Triathon membership include a reduced entry fee to British Triathlon sanctioned events, worldwide public liability insurance cover, personal accident cover, free legal claims service, bimonthly copies of TriNews, access to the members-only section of this site as well as a British Triathlon handbook and car sticker.
  • oooooh a car sticker, yipppeee, just what I need.
  • Question 13: Do I need a day license abroad?

    Answer: Most national federations will recognise your British Triathlon membership as an international race licence and will not require you to take out a race licence in that country. However, in some countries such as the USA , event organisers may require you to take out their insurance cover due to the level of payments associated with successful claims.

  • You use your BTA license but can buy a license upon registration. You also geta little sticker for your bike when taking it to TX for insurance on the roads.
  • Joe whats TX?
  • transition - bike racking area. Old school set-up, no bags, everything by your bike.
  • thanks, sorry all the terminolgy is new to me
  • BigBob did you have to add a monitor to you turbo, or does it come with one? Doesnt say on the website I looked it up on?
  • Joe
    Do they not give you bags (run bag + bike bag etc) for your stuff at IM Switz then?

    Do you lay it all out like in smaller races?
  • my car sticker was pants!

    Fell off after a week in this summers heat!

  • IMCH transition is just like a standard tri - all your kit next to the bike so no fannying with bags..............
  • Thanks FB, that's 1 less thing to worry about then!
  • Fitn40lots
    You would have to add a monitor. I use my bike computer along with a HRM so don't have a need for one.

    I'm also looking for insurance, USA Triathlon doesn't cover you the same as BTA, anyone have any ideas??
  • Soz BigBog, know youre asking about USA (I will ask swim coach tonight as he has recently completed RAAM so should know), but just had this info from BTA

    At the moment it is £10 to run to the 31st March when our renewals are due. At this point the full year membership for 2007 has not been set but will be around £40 for a club member and £50 for a non-club member. You can join now until the 31st of March or renewals for next year will be up and running in late January/early February
  • What do you need the car sticker for anyway?? (In case you knock over a cyclist, if theyre a BTA member they cant sue you??? Not as if I plan to do this of
  • Thanks BigBob I use a Garmin 305 at the moment for running, but havent upgraded it to use on bike outdoors ie for the cadence, does anyone use the bike bits and is it worth getting? Ive been told the Cateye (?sp) is a worthwhile buy for turbo??
  • Oooo I might know your coach...taught me my BTA level 1 coaching qualification.
    Top bloke!
  • thanks for all the advice, its really great having an unlimited source of tried and tested, reliable information from everyone.
  • I have a Cateye Astrale 8, which seems to be pretty standard kit amongst forumites, easy to use, measures Cadence etc. Just remember to attach the wheel magnet to the rear wheel, not the front :-)
  • fantastic chap Joe, but really makes me work!
  • right need to go and rob a bank now for all this equipment that I need.
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭
    You are all living in the past, there is no BTA. We are now triathlon England, Triathlon Scottland, Triathlon Wales or Triathlon Northern Irland.

    Transition in IMCH is just liek a normal race, leave your stuff next to your bike.
    However, it is all numbert and you rack your wheel and not handle bar or saddle, so no chance to steel a bit of room.

    ps: I wouldn't use a Garmin on a Turbo ;-)
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