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  • you dont need /} after .com just the }
  • went to the help page and found it there, easy peasy...they actually dont do it that way, they still use the [ ] and just add a few extra bits.........

    all is well now
  • swimming in the am, so will try that thank you.
  • JB - Shoulders endurance improves because with a pull bouy you work them harder than without (ie you don't get help from your legs).

    Paddles will build up strength and power and are good fun, trying skulling with them you can get some pretty good speed and it's actually tireing
  • oh no stop it now, whats skulling?
  • ok how to describe the technique of skulling...
  • JB, that article makes a lot of sense, and I've had that sensation before when I have got the kicking timed correclty, at least not I know what I'm looking for.

    on the kick board. Are you really saying its a complete waste of time ? Even to improve ankle flexibility and keeping the toes pointed back ?

    This might explain, it basically lying flat in the water and using just figure of eights with your hands to propel yourself. Your hands out stretched in front of your, half way through your stroke or at the end of the stroke. The idea is to find the point where you catch the water best. This is just something I used to do. Not really sure of the training benefits of long distance, I just used to get cramp in my thumbs when doing it with paddles
  • C-man - I'd ditch the kickboard and do diagonal kick. Do some alternating sides, then some 3-switch (take 3 strokes in between). Then you get the benefit of improving roll as well as doing kick properly.

    If kicking flat then do some with arms by your side to improve body position, but its not really a kicking drill.

    Or try corkscrew, 6 kicks on side then onto back then side then front down the pool.

    Looks daft but good for core control and something different to confuse the breast stroke mafia.
  • JB, sounds like a plan...

    Are there any specific drills that can help with the left arm right leg, right arm right leg timing ? or is it just a matter of concentrating on it in a normal stroke ?
  • I tried this eeerm a while back as I read it somewhere else. And to be honest I think most people do it naturally.

    The easiest way to test it is to stop kicking, or at least not make an effort to kick and you'll find that your leg natuarlly balances your stroke.

    When doing a 4 or 6 beat kick (OMG sounds like a TT or ST thread) its harder to tell what you're doing but you're probably doing it correctly without thinking of it.

    I did read that some people naturally do the complete opposite though!!

    The main point is that sticking a PB in between your legs stops this and prevents you having to maintain a good body position by yourself. Take it away and you slow down.

    You should be able to swim without kicking and a PB but you need to "press the T" to maintain a decent position. Time to get the bands out!
  • No bands - the last time I tried that my legs were dragging on the bottom, which maybe points out I should work on it
  • press the T? what's that?
  • pushing down with your chest to raise your legs...

    Called pushing the T
    Pushing the bouy
    Downhill swimming etc etc
  • ah thanks. been doing that recently. my heels have been breaking the surface of the water for the first time ever. not sure how much faster i've been going but it certainly feels easier/faster.
  • So now we have established the swim part (or at least the swim kick), what about the bike and the run? :-) 112 miles frightens the life out of me, my butt isn't keen on the idea either.
  • so much to learn.....

    swimming tonight, going to try and remember that T thingy as I know that I dont really kick well and legs are a drag.

    Cant believe how my upper body is changing shape from the swimming and the weights, always used to do 2 sessions of Body Pump a week for general toning, but ..........not sure I like the "ironmaiden" look, but hey its all for a good cause.
  • The 'ironmaiden' look is a great look, I think most triathlete girls are pretty hot so don't worry about it!!
  • Thanks Harry feel much better now, actually think the "ironmaiden" look is better than the "racing snake" look - shoo those ladies are soooooooooooo thin, sigh not that Ive ever had that problem, but..... : )
  • Yeah I've got that snake look, apart from the scales!
  • oops sorry
  • Have you seen What It Takes, Peter Reid was so thin by the time he came to race in Hawaii - you could count his ribs, looked like an orphan waif, especially with the shaven hair cut.
  • Had a bit of a panic in the pool tonight as I was battling through the 200m - get so tired swimming, suppose its a completely different fitness to all the rest of the disciplines. At least I can honestly say that I enjoyed the bike ride this morning, even though the wind was howling.
  • Yeah the swim is different, I am training with my friend for Bala middle distance and he's a pretty good runner and cyclist, we train together pretty well for that. But for the swimming he really struggled. As long as your enjoying you'll get through it fine. Not sure if I'm such a fan of riding atm especially in the mancunian micro climate (it's raining pretty hard today). I just tried to get out whenever it doesn't rain
  • Oh btw my Mum and Grandad have book their flights and hotels so I've got some supporters!!! Whoop Whoop
  • I miss the mancunian micro climate, spent a few years living there whilst at Uni. The problem with New York is the temperature. It is bright and sunny out but way too cold.... Oh well, it will be another session on the turbo for me today.
  • Is it snowing yet BigBob? Heard Chigaco was having its first snow. Those beautiful crisp clear days are so divine, at least you know the sky is far away, here it always feels as though you could touch it if you just stretched a little more.

    Yeah my family are coming out from Fri-Tues, hope its a good thing as in the past when theyve supported me I always want to stop and chat or catch a lift home - suddenly get all emotional when they are there, feel the pain.
  • BB - Yeah that's why I'm in manc as well, I graduate in summer and am moving back down south. I'm been stuck on the turbo today, those thing are boring.

    Fit40,my mum and girlfriend are my support crew and are always there as well which is awesome stuff. Mum suprised with a pack of wine gums (my favourite) half way round snowdonia marathon, legend!
  • No snow yet!! its actually warmed up today but it is going to be sub zero by the weekend.

    What are you studying Harry? I graduated in 2001 with a degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering. I loved Manchester!!

    Will be over in a couple of weeks for Xmas, a week in Yorkshire and a few days in London, no doubt the training will suffer.
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