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  • BB - I study Maths, engineering degree are solid!! How'd you end up in the States my older brother tried getting work out there when he graduated but couldn't get anything!!

    I got snowed on today, was out for a long ride (70 miles - longest yet) and whilst over one of the moors I was snowed on, it didn't put me in a great christmas mood though!! My feet were like ice blocks
  • My better half is a Yank so I moved over to be with her, getting work has been a nightmare but I start a new position this next week.

    It's a beautiful day over here but too cold to cycle outdoors.... Oh well, the gym is looming!! Luckily, I did my long ride on Friday, which was just a two hour stint on the Turbo, will probably run later!
  • BB - haven't you been a gasman in your live? Can you come back to London and fix our boiler? It has an electrical problem anyway and british gas have proven themselves useless!

    It ruins my training! Who would go out in teh knowledge of having a cold shower when home?
  • Never fettled with Gas Lars, so wouldn't be able to help you there! I thought that cold showers were good for you, something about promoting faster recovery :-)
  • Hey all hope your doing well this week, been on my turbo this week (and using my heart rate monitor) and I am just wondering what kind of heart rates I should be looking at aiming for.

    When training my heart rate gets to 140 which is quite an effort on the legs but not on the respiratory system, is this possibly because I the length strength/endurance to actually push my lungs harder. I can get my heart to about 165 maximum and this is massively difficult as in I start making the turbo rock all over the place. Problem is I can't retain it because my legs just get tired so easily.

    Any one used the turbo much before and know anything about HR zones. I know when I run it's a lot easier to raise my heart rate and get the lungs working without my legs feeling like they might drop off
  • And also here my last minute warning for lurkers


    ps: BB, still alive?
  • Hello all.....At last Ive dusted my turbo down & have got back on the bike this week!

    Been looking at other races pre IM CH, and was looking at Weymouth half.
    What's peoples opinions of doing this 3 weeks before IM CH?
    And what's Weymouth like?

    Would apreciate any thoughts & opinions on this.
  • I did it last year 4 weeks before IMCH.

    My personal experience:

    Swim is very cold, and a see swim. Took me over 40 minutes compared to a 1:15 IMCH swim.
    When I stopped swimming I just couldn't move. I lost soo much time on 2 friends that finished that next to me, I reached my bike and 1 was already gone, the other was gone by the time I removed my wetsuit.
    Swim exit is painful on the feet over very sharp stones. But then, my feet where numb enogh not to mind too much.

    Bike had traffic light in it which wasn't good. There were road works and marshals were writing down how long each cyclist had to stop. As it is a kind of out and back there it stopped me twice.
    Otherwise it is along a dual carriage way and back,then a b-road and back. Overall slightly short (which on the day was nice for me).

    Run is hilly, and, if you are as far back as I was, lonely. They were running out of energy drink the 2nd lap around.

    Some of my friends liked it, I didn't. Killed all the confidence I had.

    Personally, I don't think I will race this year before Switzerland. Last year I was nervous about it, but I think I can benefit more from a long ide and run that week than from a race.
  • Thanks for the info Lars......doesn't sound like you had great time!!
    Im thinking 3 weeks maybe too near IM Switz
  • Hey Foggo

    Weymouth is a perfect race to test nutrition, transition, bike setup etc and it fits in perfectly timing wise with IM Switzerland (I used a personal coach who confirmed this event was a good one to do and recommended I do at least one event before the big one). I did it in 05 and although the swim is cold and the weather wasn't it's best I felt more confident about my training and was happy with my nutrition overall.

    Steven a href=""></a>
  • Doh...

    Apologies for the broken link above. Seems my copy and paste skills deteriorated over the holidays...

    My race report... <a href=""></a>
  • aaaarggghhhh...

    Let me try again.

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  • <a target='_new' href="">race report</a>
  • Happy New Year All.... How's everybodys training going?

    I re-started mine over the weekend after almost a month off due to Flu and holidays. It's been mild in New York so managed a good solid ride yesterday outdoors, and a slow long run Saturday. Swimming this evening! June will soon come around :-)
  • 3 glorious weeks holiday in the sunshine with some training as well, now back to training in the cold, boo hoo, and I still dont own a turbo.......
  • ugh Im really not getting this kicking right
  • Harry thank you for the sponsorship hope youre training is going according to plan!!
  • hellllllllllooooooooooooooooo

    its so quiet in here
  • Don't worry we're still here! I was originally down to do IMA but have switched to IMCH for various reasons.

    Anyone on here, planning to run a spring marathon?
    I'll start posting my training at the weekend.
  • No spring marathon for me although I have done two half mara's this month already and have a half IM planned for early May. I know Lars is running FLM but haven't heard from him in a while so don't know how his training is going.

    As for my training, I'm managing a steady 10 to 12 hours a week at the moment, roughly 2:30hrs Swim, 5hrs Bike and 4hrs Run. I'm finding it difficult though with work etc. The bike is the worse as I am having to do it all on the Turbo as it is bliddy freezing in New York, -14 deg.C last Friday bit warmer today but still well below freezing.

    Roll on the spring!!

  • Wow, -14C! I definitely wouldn't venture outside in that kind of weather.
    Weather for Kent looks good for the weekend, 8C and no wind, which makes a nice change.
  • Kent certainly had the cold weather last week, up here in the Midlands its hardly been cold, windy enough to keep you on the turbo and a few morning with icey roads, but -14C, dont think Ive ever experienced that temperature
  • T'was the coldest day on record for the last two years!!
  • Is there much snow with it, or just ice? Where about in NY do you live? Have you done the NY Marathon?
  • We had some snow overnight, not much, just a sprinkling. Today is another bright sunny day but again cold. what really gets you here is the wind chill. Looking out of the window you think, "looks like a great day for a ride" then you step outside and brrrh, no thanks!! Turbo beckons once again.

    I'm doing the marathon this year as I have a place through NYRR qualification - I ran 13 qualifying races last year. I live on the East side of Manhattan, close to Alphabet City!
  • 13 qualifying races, wow, those places dont come easily then. I went through a charity, much easier - mind you having said that, it was hard work raising the required funds.

    Dont know Alphabet City.

    Is this a permanent move for you or are you just visiting?

    Johannesburg can be like that, beautiful, sunny and clear; until you step outside. Obviously nothing like youre experiencing but its a very dry cold, nose bleeds, skin cracks etc.
  • Are you South African Fitn40? Luckily I'm from Port E, weather usually nice and mild.

    I've had the lurgy this week, so training down but feeling better so hoping to take advantage of the predicted good weather at the weekend.
  • Fitn40 Alphabet City is the North end of the East Village, I live on East 20th Close to Avenue C. I am here permanently, as my better half is a Yank (unless she gets sick of me and sends me packing, back to Yorkshire).

    It is warmer today, but there is no sun and it is due to get cold again tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, I too have now been Lurgyfied :-( so I'm having to rest!! Hope you all have a good weekend of training and take advantage of the good weather over in England.
  • yeah Im South African

    Also had a lurgy, but its been all upper resp. so havent stopped the training. All going well, but have to say that Im soooooo looking forward to my day off tomorrow and then its a turbo session on Sunday with the club - roads too slippery, full of beautiful snow. As a result, off to gym now for 90min treddie run, yawn.

    Did my first set of hill reps this week on the bike, wow they are killers.

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