IM Switzerland 2007



  • opening the door to let out the tumble weeds.
  • Nice link Fitn40. Some days I just can't wait to start the race!

    Good training weekend for me. Weather was great so had to take advantage of it.
    Sat - 3000m swim (longest continuous swim since Sept) + 62mile bike + 20min run
    Sun - 2hr25min run

    Legs felt quite tired going up hills during the run but I made it.

  • Great weekend for you Emmy

    I did a 210Km Audax on Saturday, was a long day, 9 hours saddle time, 3 hours stopping time (punctures, tea, traffic lights etc). Rest on Sunday.

    Weather has been really good. I envied all the cyclists on the road on Sunday, but just couldnt even look at my bike.
  • Wow 210K, very impressed.

    I can't wait for summer, warm weather makes training so much easier. Mornings getting lighter at least.

    I'm off to RSA on the 3rd of March for 10 days so will be getting some warm weather soon. Not taking my bike but will do plenty of running.
  • Emmy, thanks for the offer of taking some CO2 to IMCH for me, very kind! I will contact you nearer the time.

    It finally appears to be warming up over here, well just a little. I'm hoping to get off the turbo and cycle outside tomorrow, fingers crossed.

    I could do with some warm weather training myself, but US holidays are Cr*p, work wont allow me anymore time off :-(
  • No problem BB, just email me closer to the time.

    The lack of statuatory leave in the US is one of the reasons I wouldn't like to work there. We are very lucky to get 5 weeks leave where I work.

    Happy training all.
  • Hi BB,

    did you take her for a ride yet? Or still just on the turbo?
  • Still stuck on the turbo :-(

    It was very cold again over the weekend and yesterday we had more snow.

    Maybe this weekend?

    Lars, I thought you were doing Bramley? Are you still running FLM?
  • I have not yet declared my interest into not runnin FLM!

    Anyway, next weekend I shall pack my bike for the Lanzarote trip.

    Also booked an endless pool session for next Saturday, so I have something to work on in La Santa.

    Did enter 2 time trials for the weekend I come back.

    At the moment I swim like a fish, but I also cycle an drun like one.
  • Lucky you Emmy, I didnt take my bike with me in Dec/Jan either, hired one in the Berg and did quite a bit of cycling most days whilst there, but it was so easy to just get out and train. Stayed in Blouberg and so many people were out everyday either running or cycling, made me feel envious on rest days that I wasnt out there as well. Weather makes such a difference. BB can only empathise with you, at least we havent really had a bad winter here and its just the convenience of having some good spin classes to go to that has made me opt for indoor cycling at times
  • Noticed on last years IMCH DVD they have a scooter that goes around with spare tyres/wheels they help everybody? How much outside help are you allowed for fixing punctures etc and what does happen if you break a chain or something similar on the day? Would be sad if you cant continue just cause you broke a chain......can understand that the time taken to fix it for an elite athlete would be devastating, but for someone like me who is going to take forever anyway......??
  • Lars are you on a training camp to Lanza?
  • Last year in IM Austria my stem was loose so had to stop halfway round and tighten it. Luckily, had an alan key to do it myself. As far as know you can accept spares but not any physical assistance so this does not include someone telling you how to fix your chain for instance but they can't do it for you.

    Probably need to double check the website as IMCH might be different.
  • There are approx 35 people from TeamMK doing Switaerland this year, or so I was told at the pool last week.

    Good luck to them all..
  • Fitn40
    I saw the bike mechanic last year and its their job to get as many of the breakdowns going so they can finish? unless your a pro 5 or 10 minutes isn't a problem.
    I think a broken bike is somthing we all dread the thought of, so I carry a mini multi tool as well as the usual spare inner tubes.Sod the weight I want to finish?

    As Far as your training is concerned after your 210k outing I think your ready already? Good luck with it, Stunning bike coarse.
  • f4l - going next Thursday with the running club.

    Last year I was riding with 2 spary tyres, 2 CO2 things, a bit of spare tyre, puncture repair kit, a mini pump, I think even a spoke key. But I took my light off!
  • BB who is team MK???
  • lars
    Are you doing IM Lanzarote?
  • The countryside on the bike course looked beautiful in the DVD - nice t see where we will be riding, never seem to notice these things on the day.

    How many IMs have you done Emmy, have you done the SA one yet?

    Im also considering doing Paris-Brest-Paris, so need the Audax rides to qualify
  • The weather forecast is finally favorable for the weekend so I have arranged to meet up with the cycle club for the first ride of the season. It will be great to finally get outdoors after weeks on the Turbo. will probably use my old bike though as I will save the first outing of the new bike for when there is less salt on the ground.

    Hope everybodys training is going well! The weeks seem to be flying by, June will be upon us very soon - I must book my flights!

    Enjoy Lanza Lars, say hi to all the Serpies who know me!
  • Fitn - My first IM was Austria last year, the easy one! Really enjoyed it.
    My parents life 1hr from Port E, where IMSA is held but never done it. Training through the UK winter for an IM in March will be too hard I think.
  • The only guy I know in TeamMK is Robin Dowswell he's very fast, sub 2.10 for Oly, expect he'll finish Switzerland sub 10:00.

    Have a look at there may be some info on there.

    Though im from Milton Keynes im not a member of the club.
  • oh so thats what MK stands for... 10 Hours, wow.......I wont even be finished the bike section yet, let alone be on the run. Boo Hoo.....

    Have you done this one before BB?

  • Down with a cold since Thursday, so another quality weekend lost. Only managed about 10 minutes swim, however, that was video analysis, so it was worth it.

    Will rest tomorrow, hopefully can do "secret training" on tuesday, easy run on Wednesday and then off to La Santa on Thursday.

    BB, did that wheels hit some road yet? An unused TT bike is like an unused condom, not worth showing off with ;-)
  • :-))

    I do not own a TT bike, I own I Tri bike. Do you want to see a picture of her?
  • Seen it. You should change your RW picture, so everybody can. Davos is years ago, can't even remember the last time I was in Switzerland.

    Actually, I can. See my picture ;-)
  • Secret training? You aren't attending Jazz dance lessons again are you?
  • Well I thought I just say hello and let you know I am still alive... sorry I haven't been on here for ages.

    Hope everyone's training is going well, looks like some peeps have been putting good time in saddle which is all good to here.

    I know it's still a way off but man I am excited, anyone else
  • Im nervous Harry and so so so looking forward to being an Ironman.....and getting that tattoo.
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