Struggling with...



  • Yeah, the running is a by-product of meeting the lay-dees.

    Well, it doesn't get any easier to meet women as you get older, especially if you're new in town...

    Also, last night I saw the pair of them again in my local, and had a few beers with them - bright blue eyes has a husband, who is really lovely, and the women are sisters-in-law.

  • Believe me it's no different for single women!!

    So, you'll be out with the club again next week then?!
  • Well, in theory I'll be going up there tonight - they're doing a track session tonight, which I've never done before. How exciting!

    Very nervous again though, I must admit. I think tonight might be a little more intense.
  • Work deadline interfered with me going tonight, didn't happen. Next week I'm at both sessions though... dagnabbit!
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