Pirate outing 2007 no#3

Just put my euros down for this one.

Don't do the wussy non-Championship races - do this one.

July 1st in Frankfurt.

The Lake is like a tepid bath.
Transition is but a two hour bus queue away from the city.
BUT the finish line party is spectacular.

Just watch out for potholes on the bike leg eh ?


  • lol
  • i'll stay up and watch you on-line, if you text me from T2 with an ETA. you'd better ****ing finish it this time though!
  • yer.
    Wot the ape said.

    Only with a Home Kineties accent.
  • Yeah, I'll be watching online too!
  • cougie - Roth is NOT wussy, the bike course is a whole lot hillier than Frankfurt.
  • Go Cougs , a bloke I know in town big Saffa chappie who was in touch with me a lot in the run up to the race has just told me he's signed up too. I'll try and get him to go yellow in the words of our illustrious capn.
  • But why would you want two finishers medals Cougs?
  • cougs if you spot my spare tub (red), multi-tool and pump (co2) when you are going up the hell, then I'd be ever so grateful if you could bring them back..

    ta muchly..
  • Tee hee Cartman - will keep an eye out.

    Roth clearly is the wussy option - I mean - this is the European Champs IW ! ;-)

    (Looking at Roth last night and its on my list for 2008 anyway.)

    And I did finish it - it was just the middle bit that was a bit problematic...
  • Roth is too far, anyway!
  • yeah, cougie's cycling always was pants. and his swimming and biking lets him down a bit. other than that, he's pretty good. except at transitions.
  • err, too much biking, but you get the idea
  • FBNC?
    Finished but not completed?



    IW - I fink Cougie was using hue-merrr

  • Cartman i had a pretty close look at the hell when i was there and i didn't see your stuff - sorry
  • a likely story.....
  • come to think of it, zill did try to flog me some gas and a spare tyre on monday
  • my brother was given the choice of carrying home heavy bag of bike bits or the pee'd in kit. He chose the bike bits but gave 6 CO2 canisters to the German security guys.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    reminds me - who gave me 2 CO2 canisters in Monday??
  • me
  • Hey - I cracked transitions this year - 5 mins in T1 or so and less I reckon in T2.

    And what do you mean my bikini lets me down. Who's been talking ?
  • [packs li'l home waxing kit and sends it on a pigeon headed North]
  • good luck cougie. i reckon dermot may be joining you too.
  • Cheers JD ! Be great to see Dermot there - I missed him on the bike this year.
  • I didnt realise you were aiming to take him out Cougs
  • Nice one Mr Cougs, but will miss you at Austria.
    Looks like a good wordly spread of Pie Rights next summer!
  • he went straight for him. it was nasty.

    dermot was definitely up for IMDE 2007 during the drinks on monday. i shouldn't prempt him though. now the alcoholic haze has gone he may see things differently.
  • ? i'm fairly sure dermot said he wasn't doing another one. or was that in the Mr M,-i-mean-the-complete-opposite-of-what-i-say sense?
  • actually, i could have made that up about dermot, i thought he dnf'd but from looking at the results he finished in a great time. maybe he wanted a better time though.
  • dermot and donald both begin with a d so maybe you got confused. and also both they and plum have grey hair and big eyebrows, so i can see how it might of happened. or you might have just made it up.
  • so does Rosey but he doesnt start with a 'D' ... ;-)
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