classification of fell / climbs

I'm just about to enter the i.o.w. fell run championships and the 3 races are

class as - 3 miles
class bm - 10 miles
class cl - 13 miles

does anyone know what the as, bm, cl actually mean. I've searched the F.R.A. website but can't find anything.



  • First of all welcome to the world of fell running. Much more fun than roads!

    The s, m, l stands for short, medium, long
    Short S: Under 6 miles.
    Medium M: 6 miles or over, but under 12 miles.
    Long L: 12 miles or over.

    A,B,C - difficulty:
    Cat A: More than 250ft of climb per mile, not more than 20% on road, at least 1 mile in length.
    Cat B: More than 125ft of climb per mile, not more than 30% on road.
    Cat C: More than 100ft of climb per mile, not more than 40% on road, with some genuine hill terrain.

    The classification does have a purpose. All AL or AM races require you to carry some kit i.e. waterproofs, hat, food etc.
  • brillinat cheers! It'll be my first fell race so i'll be taking it easy. really looking forward to it should ge a good weekend away.
  • Unusual to have short+hard and long+easy, usually twin longs with hards - guess it gives you a choice.
  • Well i'm all entered up. nervous already!
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