Have been using Adidas Supernova Cushion for the last 2+ years without any problems whatsoever. I can normally get a 1000 miles out of each pair comfortably.

I am looking a getting pair of lightweight/racers for races etc. Is there a lightweight/racing shoe (from Adidas?) that would be the natural/logical choice?

I'm 6'3", 11st and reasonably light on my feet!

Many thanks.


  • The Adizero Kaha looks like a nice shoe.
  • What about the Rotterdam?

    I dislike Adidas, but almost went back to them for the sake of this shoe. They felt great for lightweight yet supportive road running up to marathon level. I tried them on a tready for a mile. They're still on hte options list.
  • I'm not so keen on the Rotterdams - I'm a similar build (inch shorter, same weight) with a very economical stride, but they make me sound like Pingu.

    My lightweights of choice are NB901s and Nike Mayflys - I managed a marathon in the mayflys and didn't even get a blister for my efforts.

    Once had a pair of Supernova Competitions which lasted almost 2000 miles - couldn't fault them.
  • I wouldn't go back to Adidas myself now, but the Kaha did tempt me, I'm going to get some Vaporfly.
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