Nous sommes off to France!

Apparetly it's the busiest day at Heathrow today: Deep joy. Mr Jiggi and the jigglets will require entertainment whilst we que, any ideas?

Otherwise it's aurevoir until next time!!


  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    um.....sleeping pills?
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    what age are the jigglets?
  • Gin

    & lots of it..!!
  • I'll have the sleeping pills I think. The jigglets are male and aged 9 and 6. They have already started the "are we there yet" routinejust to annoy me!!
    Mr Jigglet has gone to buy another suitcase as the jigglets one was in the loft and judging by the smell has had mice in it!
    Never mind, I expect we'll be eating them in France
  • Drop some acid in the kids coke... That should provide some sugar/hallucinagenic amusement for ya!
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    what about a game?

    everyone writes the name of a person (anyone) on a piece of paper and sticks it to the head of the person next to them

    each person asks questions which can only be answered yes or no to guess the identity

    with a yes you get to ask another and with a no you move to the next person

    first to guess correctly wins

    keeps kids amused for ages!

    have a fabby holiday though!!!!
  • Thanks all!
    DM does acid work as well in orange juice? Perhaps we'll try it and see!
    Bon voyage!!
  • I dunno... I say no to drugs!
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