what now?

hi guys, need to ask a question.

i have completed the beginner schedule so what do i do now!!.

i want to build up my endurance and speed, as i have the 5k coming up but also want to build up my distances and fitness and i want to compete in triathlon when i get fit enough and thin enough.

i thought something like 1 x speed session, 1 x hill session 1 x tempo run start at 3 miles and 1 x long run- going to do 4 miles tommorrow.

do you think i should drop one of the hill/speed sessions and put in another run?


  • Hi I wouldn't be in a rush to add speed sessions to your weekly training schedule I would concentrate on building up your endurance by doing steady and easy paced runs 3/4 times a week. Build up one of your runs to 6 miles by adding 5-10 mins per week for your long run and do 3-4 miles for your other runs, add in a hilly route if you want more of a challenge on one of these runs. Remember to increase weekly mileage by no more than 10 per cent each week.
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