Holmfirth 15

Will we see Nora ?


  • Of course not! You must be batty.

    However, I understand it is acceptable for veterans to complete the downhill sections of the race in a converted bathtub.
  • Will find my green bobble hat and wellies!
  • Hi CD!!

    can anyone give me any more info on this race. the profile says flat/undulating (NOT words I would associate with Holmfirth) and someone else I spoke to said " fell run on the roads". am very tempted, but dont want to be out of my depth.
  • Clairster

    I am going to give this one a go (steadily) just to try and push me above half marathon distance. Fully expect to be at the back and hoping I will be sustained by the scenery. As a rule do not races with multiple laps but have made an exception in this case because of the distance.
  • You won't be out of your depth Claire. There is one sharp short hill, and a couple of gentle inclines. It is a two lap course so what I do is take it steady on the first lap, then you know what to expect second time round and where you can push it a bit if you so desire.
  • thanks guys! ok, didnt take much, going for the online entry now....
  • Hi guy's, we meet again!!!
    I'm in for this one too, I don't belive its described as flat/undulating, I've heard its a killer. Its not stopping me though!!
  • It's not a killer - as has been said one short hill coming out of the town centre and long longish but gentle drag. Trick is to drive the course before the day if you can and start off conservatively.
  • Shorty 25

    How is the running going?
  • Hi Shorty it has been a while. This will be a step up in race distance for you won't it. I am sure you won't have any problems it is not that tough at all, definately easier than you would expect for the Holmfirth area. Are you going for a pb in Selby or saving yourself for the Great North?
  • Hi ya CD,
    Running is going good thanks, I've been doing a fair few races, as usual!! Hope everything is well with you?

    South African
    Yeah this will be a step up for me, not done above a half mara before. Mmm I'm sure your tough & my tough are different things! Ha.
    As for Selby, I'm going to aim as close as possible & hopefully better PB then just take it easy at GNR.
    Hows things for you?
  • Hi all

    I'm doing this one too and will be my first time of doing so. Looking forward to 2 laps rather than one big one.
  • hello guys, have just completed Richmond 10k, which is 14k short of this one, but if anyone did Richmond, I am sure you'll agree this cant have the same killer hills.
  • RG

    Also running this one. Will be first time so I do not know the course in detail.
  • CD it was good to see you on sunday. I have just entered via the online services so am commited now. only 10days to get my mileage up from 6.25m to 15m. must dash have a bus to catch. talk later
  • Hi Russell - if you get round holmfirth i should imagine Stockport 10 will seem easy..will let you know after holmfirth. there is a thread going on the stockport 10 but it can be a little crazy to keep up with. For a really hilly 10miller, try the Guy Fawkes 10 nr Harrogate on, er, November 5th! Lots of hills, lots of fun.

    been out with an injured foot for a week and now got the all clear to run again and have come down with a horrific cold, am starting to forget how to run!
  • clairster will send an email. I looked at the thread for stockport 10, but theres no way I am rading any of it.

    i am actuall entered for both these races, and am considering the guy fawkes, as its my birthday on mischievious night and want to do something for my birthday. so may do all three
  • RG - lol, probably best, the stockport 10 thread is nuts! currently i am doing coventry half this weekend (injury permitting), then holmfirth, guy fawkes, possibley preston 10 (good fast flat course) and then stockport
  • tried my hardest to find a race this weekend, but to no avail. will have to do a training run instead. hope you get on okay in coventry. how far is that for you?
  • from manchester about 100 miles, luckily my parents live in Stratford so off there for the weekend.
  • i'd say thats lucky okay, dont have to worry about travelling on the day. hope that your foot is okay for this race. what time would ya hope to do?
  • now that i found the thread,names down first time on this course,hope i find you all fit and well
  • Hi SB, this should be a good warm up for the Guy Fawkes. Fit and well is not a phrase i can associate with myself at the mo, just pulled out of coventry half due to a niggly foot and remenants of an evil lurgy. am gutted but am trying to convince myself it is for the greater good. would be more gutted about missing holmfirth and guy fawkes, so if i have to pull out of this too then i really will scream!
  • claister-
    you did the right thing pulling out of coventry and get yourself well again ,just try and keep a bit off training going,i no when i can,t run i get bad tempered so i no what your going through,
    fingers crossed for you
  • Clairster

    Hope you are recovered in time for Holmfirth.
  • thanks guys! haha i have been evil all week, my poor parents went home for a visit and could hardly speak, not quite sure they knew what to do. 2 weeks with little running makes for a very grumpy me. good news is i managed a slow run on grass today and got some wicked new trainers so hoping they will help the foot. must not go mad this week ;)
  • And I'll be there too, plodding away in the middle somewhere. I'm expecting just under 2 hours given my fitness levels at the moment!
  • wow, 2hrs..would love that to be my time too! and that wouldnt be plodding for me, that would be zooming! reckon I should be in around 2.05-2.10, foot permitting. managed 5mmiles last night bit it was aching by the end. am hoping that is just the orthotics and have enough time to break them in properly for sunday.

    was wondering on the best route from manchester..boring way on M62 or more scenic one cross country? anyone like to hestitate a guess as to what the mystery memento will be?
  • clairster-
    how about boring way in m62 and scenic way back best off both worlds ,as for the memento i will go with a water bottle
  • hi sb,

    sounds good. want the quickest way there as i always manage to be late and dont mind how long it takes to get back
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