Running Partner in Fife

Hi Folks

I am a very slow plodder and am looking for someone to plod with in NE Fife.

When I say slow I mean slow. I am not getting any faster although I used to be able to run a 4.30 marathon.

I am much slower now having given up running for several years.

I used to train with the Anster Haddies (for those that live in Fife) and their training was great but after a move of house it was too far to travel for a training night.

I would love to have someone to plod with even at a weekend.

At the moment all my plods are on my own.

Get in touch if you feel like a slow plod.


  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    aw, Speedy....I used to live in NE Fife (Tayport) but we moved in March otherwise I would have come for a plod with you.

    Hope you find someone!!
  • Help I really need someone to motivate me and get me back out that door.

    If there is anyone in the Fife area willing to go for very slow plods and haul me round it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Sam. I remember you used to be in this area.
  • Hiya, just joined RW. I live in NE fife and wouldn't mind a bit of company, I normally do 6-8 miles at about 6.7 miles an hour any good? Let me know.


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