Arundel 10k

Oh No, my worst nightmare on Sunday. Fresh from a 38-36pb at the last Yateley 10k and Burnham Half the week before I don't know what happened at Arundel. I was the person that everyone passed after 4k when I had to stop and massage the ball of my right foot for 2 minutes after 2km of agony (the feeling was like having hot/boiling water in my right foot). I don't know what happened (can anoyone suggest?) I gritted my teeth and finished in 42-19 with the pain reappearing at 8km as well. What a nice hill that was at around 7km when we climed about 150ft?!!

Despair and demoralisation for Jeffsy.


  • PS: Boo Hoo
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    That's a bummer! Were you using new or different shoes? I have had the same problem, only with my right foot and it's always been the shoes that have caused the problem. Probably caused by insufficient arch support causing too much pressure to be placed on the balls of my foot.

    I did the Robin Hood Marathon last year and started experiencing this problem after 4 miles. At the end I was in agony. It really stops you from performing.
  • Sorry it went so badly for you Jeffsy. I've had this problem with illfitting ski boots, so go with Drew's theory that it was your shoes,(perhaps also pressing on nerves,) or combination of shoes, socks and lacing. Hope it doesn't happen again.
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I actually have the same shoes that I have run in for 2 months and they never cause me probs. The lacing was the same as normal. What is more confusing is that the week I had since the Burnham half is the longest I have not run (7 days) for some time, so the theory is I should have been fresher. I guess I'll have to give it a while before my next run.
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