Anyone use Ownzone?

Ive just got an F6 and have been using it but I've been trying to workout how to use it.The first time I did I just started running as usual but Im not sure if this will have set it correctly.Should I have started by walking like it says in the instructions.Once you have set it up does it set it for every zone you work in after that or do you have set it up again?Also do many of you use it or do you just use the automatic or manual options.




  • IR - it determines your OwnZone by taking you through a classic fitness test. Once you've done the test you don't need to retake it for a while and it sets all the sports zones for you.
    There are other ways of obtaining the data needed for determining your training zones. The OwnZone test is suitable for people who are not used to strenuous exercise but it works just fine anyway; on one of our courses we performed a comparison (Cooper, the walking and jogging OwnZone test, and also the three minute hill test) on a motley bunch of runners including a sub 2:20 marathoner, a sub 13 minute 5 k guy, a complete beginner, and a sub 4:30 marathoner, 25 people in all, and the results were strikingly consistent (though of course across a very wide range).
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