The Psychiatric Wing

Now that the dust has finally settled on 'The Longest Day', i'm feeling a little lost now that direction and focus is no longer there. I know my friends all feel the same and i think we'd like somewhere private to have a chat.

Infact if there is anyone who is feeling the loss of a recently departed finishing line, take a deep breath, lie down on ze couch, and.........................relax.



  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Can I just rest here anyway?
  • Into wearing rubber, masochism, and giving your arse an 8 hour punishing... Freud reckons that you need help!

    I'm just gonna lie down on the couch for a wee while.

  • I wont be racing it...

    Depends on how my test run turns out this week.

    Still no euphoria post TLD. I think we probably missed the most of it because all the pirates were over in IMDE. Didn't allow as much excitement after the finish line...
  • I agree I think 2T is bonkers ;o)

    I have to make a complaint: ever since this LTD every bliddy night but one I have dreamed about triathlons/ ironman....tis starting to do me head in.

    How can I deprogram me stupid chickpea?
  • well I was excited when you both crossed the finish line so there! ;oP
  • I was too busy to get excited. Had to work out my finishing pose.
  • You've got to make exceptions. Not everyone can be an uberathlete without 3 deep crowds lining the roads. Could've done with some of those on the last hills into T2...

    But a screaming 1 was sufficient.
  • haile are you running Abingdon?
  • Going to Boots at lunch time to put my photos for developing and put on a disk
  • No - it is the weekend between Cabbage Patch 10 (PB attempt) and possible marathons the week after. I plan to come along and support though.
  • Photos are in Boots. The quickest they will be back is 3 days so they make that Thursday and I have meetings + business lunch that day so it will be Friday lunch before I can pick them up
  • there you all are.

    is there room on the couch for a little one..?

    nice avatar Haile, where was it taken

    viturain first the Abingdon then beachy head so busy busy busy.

  • croc/2T e-mail me , i have some picture of the pair of you on the saturday at the pasta party. i will forward them to you .
  • Done
  • piccies sent folks.

    i'm riding up to the running club then going to go for a nice easy run.

    Haile - your on the mailing list.
  • erm hello

    pics of pasta party
    i knowi wasn't there but i would like to see the pics

    i am also withdrawing from the event
    was ok when there was all the chat about next years one
    but that has died down now

  • lurks i tried to e-mail them to you, but my puter kept timing out.

    i will get them to you
  • Cheers Mark, got them. That's a hell of a good camera you've got, I was marvelling at the resolution of my nasal hair.

    I've just committed the ultimate sin. I bought Green and Blacks. MILK!

    I love this post race lark. Eating like a king and training like a crippled peasant. Weather was a bit naff, so I knocked the swim on the head. I may go wednesday if it's a nice day. Wee potter on the bike to a coffee shop later this week, again if I feel like it.

  • Baldness runs in the family, so I'm getting an early start on a comb over.
  • I was going to use my arse crack hair, but there was a nasty incident with a match...
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