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  • My end of season oly got cancelled, so I'm pretty much in post race mode - getting all my recovery done and putting on a stone or 2. Next year I fancy focussing on short and fast, maybe some middle distance to do some strength work. I dunno.

    I think it's a combination of laziness and an excuse to be lazy that's done it. I'm hoping that when I've given my knee time to get better, got a massage and am back out doing things for fun that I can start putting structure back in. I might target a few late races, and I've got a date with a hill race in November again.
  • :oD

    Ta haile. It's just a shame that the half mara in town hadn't been a couple of weeks later. I'll re-evaluate after I start up again and see where my head is at.

    I've been thinking about norseman. In a few years, granted, but I've still been thinking about it...
  • those GUC feet belong to the running god that is Matt the Brum

    they look alright to me

    i seen lots worse


  • lurker - matt the brum's feet weren't the feet i was referring to. they were fine in comparison to the really grim feet.
  • really can't bring myself to look at them again!
  • He obviously didn't soak his feet in surgical spirit for 30 mins each day, wimp!
  • H you seem to have turned into some sort of clanger/pig mutant??

    or is that the fancy dress kit you will be wearing at abingdon?
  • yep, I see you were keeping up the good work ¦oD

    careful of you will have people calling you a dictator

    or is that patater, hard to tell dannn sarff

    you say potato I say potatoe, I say tomato you say tomatoe
    potato, potatoe
    tomato, tomatoe

    oh, who give a f*ck!
  • Evening smiffy, all.

    Cheers for the support Haile - didn't realise it'd all gone off.
  • Those feet are a bit manky looking BTW. Looks like he didn't keep them very dry.
  • well it is a canal run. You troublemaker, if we play our cards right we could build this up into a really good 'them and us' battle.

    it would be like the fell running assiciation verses the AAA all over again.
  • sorry been reading feet in the clouds and got a bit carried away.
  • It's a fair point.
  • trouble with that book is it make it all seem so easy.
    I can see many an unsuspecting fun runner getting caught up in the whole thing, next thing they know they are lost on the side of a hill in cumbria with no food, no compass and only a sheep for companionship.
  • Sounds just like Hailes thing.

    Except the no food bit of course.
  • Lol! Now that sounds like personal experience if ever I heard it.

  • The being lost bit, not the companionship with Haile bit.
  • East india trading company probably.
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