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  • I like the idea of black kit with a yellow skull thingy, would look a lot better too.

    apparently the enemies of pirates are Ninjas and Clowns
  • Here!

    This is good and fits in perfectly with my previous life!!
  • Lol! But how to combine a red squeaky nose and bright green wig with the stealth and style and black of a ninja costume without clashing...
  • Bonded? As in araldite?
  • I felt like I had given birth and someone had forgot to cut the unbillacle cord

    It was a scary experiance, have you seen the size of Haile and the size of my arse, I now have great empathy for chickens.
  • That's just...
  • actually i should keep quiet, our fridge packed up last week and the new one is a lot bigger and so it has loads more food in it. I can't seem to keep away from it. Going to end up like a porker again. Got a thing about pickles at the moment, and shallots in spicy vinegar.
  • 11lbs put on since July. Yeah baby, ben and jerry's is the path of the right.

    Next year sorted.
  • You're not preggers are you?
  • Sister's boyf just invited me, sounds like a blast, and no serious training required. Local to me and you get bitching goodie bag, so I'm all in for it.
  • But I do a good line in staring out the window.

    My teamate is a primary school teacher, and we need one more to complete the set.
  • Asked her, but I don't think it's her sort of thing. We'll probably end up going with Joni if he's available. He's done it before, and despite not training, is one of the most natural athletes I know. And he's got a good line in malts, which does me fine.
  • Ahhh. In a few short hours I shall be bogging off on Holiday. Yes, I know it's not really a holiday as I don't work, but a nice long drive and some cycling. Good enough for me.
  • What is it about RW forumers they get much funnier when I am tucked up in bed
  • my granny came from burnley
  • I am sure there is an hilarious answer to that but it is beyond me.
  • we are probably related then

    any of your lot emmigrate to south africa?

  • no but they were forcebly deported to oz
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