The Psychiatric Wing



  • Is it a full moon yet?
  • no idea haile
    she moved to SA when she was a child


  • her sirname was shaw

    please don't drop your trousers
  • I love the early nights, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate reading a good book....
  • what did i spell wrong?

    i can read too
    shall we start a club?
    we could have a uniform

  • am none the wiser
    it looks ok to me

    i will know when you tell me how it should be spelt

    it is a word i avoid as i can't remember how to spell it
    "technique" being another (gosh looks right)

  • surname
  • "Didn't know you could read, that's a turn up."

    originaly read this as "turn on"


  • i think it's cos "sir" goes with "name". i thought the origin of the word was to do with someone being a "sir"

    but obviously not


  • i only said i could read

    <flounces off to read A.S.Byatt>

  • If I wanted THAT sort of full moon I could drop my own trousers Haile
  • I think it is more to do with the french 'sur' than sir.

    I am having trouble motivating myself to go out for a 10 mile cross country run in the dark. I might just stay in and finish 'feet in the clouds'
  • Maddy we want a full moon not a total eclipse.
  • A friend lent me that its kind of inspiring but I am allergic to pain so don't think I will be fell running anytime soon
  • Smiffy my butt might not be skinny but its not that big

    more sort of Rubenesque

    cheeky bleeder
  • it's too dark to run andrew
    well it is here anyway

    i am off to bed
    to increase my vocabulary by reading
    so that i will be able to participate in the discussions on this thread

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