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  • I mostly swear lots all the way & find things to bump into to slow down.

    Sticking a few Toblerones on your shoes helps too.

    But i don't do really scary ones.

    Off to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path with my Mum next week. This means i'm carying all the tent!
  • Duck Girl - A guy called colin watts off the forum ran that back in may - i think his website is

    his report is quite good!

    Having read feet in the clouds I've concluded I'm not quite bonkers enough to try fell running yet. Just as well there aren't many fells in Berkshire.
  • me on a downhill:

    ****, ****, *****, ****, SPLAT!!! sorry, ****, ****, ****...
  • I could see myself going head over heels if I tried it. Do people wear crash helmets?
  • cool, i look forward to it.
  • have to admit I am slightly concerned that I'm doing a 50k on Sunday and have only done 1 long run of late which was TLD
  • but then I had done 0 long runs in the month before TLD so this should be a doddle!
  • over on events, it's on page 1, called Boddington 50k. target time is sub 5 hours - which would be roughly my TLD pace, I was told that 5:15 was too soft a target.

    Haven't decided if I will walk any of it yet. Would prefer not to - my last 2 maras have needed walk breaks, usually so I could be sick!
  • Cheers, keep up your Abingdon training.
  • "you wished you hadn't eat"


  • Haile beautiful piccies Makes me all wistful - I must get some walking in again next year
  • Went to Tri Club yesterday for the first time since TLD, wearing my race T-shirt.

    Was early, only person around was the swimming coach who is very nice, but a Proper Yorkshire Bloke.

    [coach reads my t-shirt]
    'So - did you do the Black Country ironman then, Duck?'
    'Yes - came 3rd'
    'so what's your race bike like then?'
    [points] 'That's my race bike'
    [my bike by now having its pannier rack, bell, lights, artistic mud smears, & other Scruffy Stuff reattached]
    'Oh. Well done'.

    I'd almost say he looked surprised, were such a thing possible.
  • lol duck

  • tremendous!

    obviously it takes a lot for the coaches chin to drop.
  • He's really helpful & encouraging, but just very - ummmm - Yorkshire.
    Bike looks even more improbable than at TLD because i've stuck most of the stuff to make it look less steal-able back on.

    Only 3 others there last night, but they all looked suitably impressed.

    Oh dear, I'm actually going to sessions when there is no need to train - i really never intended to cross over to the dark side of tri, i wanna just be a runner really, nooooooooo...
  • hooked. you'd better find an extreme ultra to run to get rid of this tri nonsense!
  • shuddup, shuddup, shuddup!
    i don't want to get sucked any further in!
  • IDG IS DOOMED like the rest of us
  • Haile
    just realised

    at some point you will be playing the blues
    you should come down and persuade M1 out of his retirement as a blue nose

    i have a season ticket so you would have to sit with him - or with the away fans i suppose


  • it's not till april
    that gives us time to get organised


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