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  • UltraCasUltraCas ✭✭✭
    What date is it anyway? Smiffy is planning to do Embrunman next year and that's a year today
  • UltraCasUltraCas ✭✭✭
    I would probably prefer to running is too slow really
  • Poss 24th July Cas
  • UltraCasUltraCas ✭✭✭

    That should be ok for me

  • Yup - cos I am happy to do either. image
  • Its a weary nighties from me x
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    And me.  Nighties x

    (thanks for adding me to appropriate place on list I was cheering on some clubmates at Copenhagen who are doing it as a test run this year and hentertaining a friend)

  • Sometimes when I can't get to sleep I have a sensible thought.

    What's the date for next years Outlaw? I probably should have asked that earlier! I'm doing Regensburg so as long as it's after that I'm in image

  • I think it's before?
  • I *think* it's the end of July. That would count me out sorry, but I can definitely be there to support/abuse image
  • UltraCasUltraCas ✭✭✭
  • morning, i am a sleepy chav today.
  • UltraCasUltraCas ✭✭✭
    I'm not sleepy but I'm probably a bit high...gloss painting before 7am can't be good for you, can it?
  • Morning............

    I have ran 6 miles and its hot out there already......image

  • Hope, perfectly placed for a last long bike or swim?

    Morning, bleugh.
  • SWIM



    I know I am already running but I would be prepared to swim for a team that actually are not looking to win image

  • A nice long rest in between eh? !
  • Thats what I was thinking, bit of lunch, a lie down, couple of beers image

  • Sorted  image

    You would have thought we could have rustled up a few more runners between us !
  • I had better hold off the relays until I find the date of this years lakeland challenge.............I really need to go back there next year and beat Haile's timeimage

    off to sort out a horse now..have fun all

  • morning

    just read back - "Dont forget the fatdemonbiker .... I am sure he is open to persuasion!"

    nope - I have retired
  • and today's cracking e-mail:

    Dear webmaster

  • FB .. I know you have retired but thought you would be up for at least part of it   image
  • Guilt always works Dear
  • nope - taking a year out of anything longer than an Oly distance. need to get some fun back into doing things rather than train all the time for long distance. the only event I have entered next year is Brighton marathon as I have unfinished business with that one
  • Fairy snuff FB

    I *think* it was £185 per Team dear but I could be wrong
  • it will be £83 each haile
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